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'Verily... courage has a limit, which when overstepped becomes foolhardiness.'

Imam Hasan ibn Ali al-Askari [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 78, p. 377, no. 3

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Mathematical Miracles in Lexical Concordance
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# Article Title
1 One Day
2 Days
3 Year
4 That Day and the Resurrection Day
5 The Moon
6 The Months
7 The Land-Sea Ratio
8 The Color White
9 Seven Heavens
10 Atomic Number of Iron
11 Iron’s Isotopes
12 The Highest Degree
13 The Surah on Honey-Bees
14 World and Hereafter
15 Angels and the Devil
16 Benefit and Corruption
17 Sexual crime, Transgression and Wrath
18 Dirtiness and Nastiness
19 Openly and Publicly
20 Satan and Seek Refuge
21 Sorcery and Temptation
22 Language and Advice
23 Say and They Said
24 Mercy and Guidance
25 Mercy, Merciful and Gracious
26 Righteousness and Reward
27 Hope and Fear
28 Cold and Hot
29 Plant, Grow and Fruit
30 Tree and Plant
31 Sin and Sexual Crime, Transgression, Wrath
32 Rich and Poor
33 Thamud and The Noise
34 The People of Lot and the Shower of rocks
35 Destination and Forever
36 Act and Response
37 Sun and A Light
38 Annoyance and Rejoice
39 Justice and Injustice
40 Harm and Benefi
41 Sabbath
42 The First Blow of the Horn and the Second Blow of the Horn
43 The Stages of Creation and Man
44 Intoxicants, gambling, idols, fortune arrows and dirtiness, devil’s labor
45 The 309th Word
46 Adam and Jesus
47 Messenger and People
48 Messenger and The Names of the Messengers
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