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that whenever the Prophet (SAWA) looked at a man who pleased him, he used to ask, 'Does he have a profession?' If they said, 'No', he would say, 'He has lost his worth in my eye.' They would then ask, ?O Messenger of Allah! Why is that?!' He would reply, 'Because when the believer has no profession, he subsists off his religion.'

Jami' al-Akhbur, p. 390, no. 1084

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The word “shecer” which means “tree” and all of its derivatives are mentioned 26 times in the Quran. The word “nebat” which means “plant” and all of its derivatives are also used 26 times. Below are two verses as example for these words;

60- … whereby We produce gardens full of beauty, you could not possibly manufacture its trees…
                                                                                                                   27. The Ant, 60

99- He sends down water from the sky, to produce with it all kinds of plants…
                                                                                                                  6. The Cattle, 99

The word Number of occurrence
Tree 26
Plant 26
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