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in one of his intimate supplications, ?O Allah! Let my soul be the first of those precious objects that you will wrest from me, and the first thing to be reclaimed out of all Your bounties held in trust with me.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Balagha, Sermon 215

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Lohouf, By Sayyid ibn Tawoos
Ali Hussain Jalali (2003). Karbala & Ashura. Ansariyan Publications. Qum

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Islamic Occasions » Events of Karbala
Events of Karbala

Think not of those who are slain in God’s way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord. (3:169)

The events of Karbala reflect the collision of the good versus the evil, the virtuous versus the wicked, and the collision of Imam Hussain (the head of virtue) versus Yazid (the head of impiety).
Imam Hussain (pbuh) was a revolutionary person, a righteous man, the religious authority, the Imam of Muslim Ummah (nation). As the representative of his grandfather Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Imam Hussain’s main concern was to safeguard and protect Islam and guide fellow Muslims.
The mission of Imam Hussain (pbuh) is distinctly unique, political and religious revolutionary movement in the history of World. His was a tremendous undertaking which still reverberates throughout the Muslim nation. He has been a propelling force and a seminal element in events throughout Islamic history, particularly in the sphere of Jihad (the holy struggle in the way of Almighty God). Imam Hussain’s example has remained vividly alive for generations and centuries.
His uprising, movement and ideals still have a deep impact on the conscience and awareness of the Muslim empire.

Thus, Karbala proved to be a clash involving Islamic truths versus falsehood, belief versus disbelief, and the oppressed versus the oppressor, faith against brute force.
Karbala was about standing in the face of oppression, regardless no matter the cost. In Karbala, Imam Hussain the fifty seven year old second grandson of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), sacrificed his totality and all he had, for one goal. This goal was to let the truth triumph over falsehood eventually, and he did that brilliantly.
His goal was to foil the plan that Muawiya had expertly developed for his son, Yazid, which was to establish a permanent Umayyads (Banu Umayya) ruler ship over the Muslim Ummah (even by sacrificing the Islamic principles), but doing it in the name of Islam. Brilliantly, Imam Hussain (pbuh) succeeded in foiling this plan and he exposed the disreputable nature of Umayyads though this was at the expense of his life.)


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