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from the Imams (AS), 'Strive earnestly and work hard, and even if you do not manage to perform good deeds, at least do not sin, for verily the building of one who continuously builds without destroying [at the same time] will rise tall, even if it be plain and unadorned, whilst the building of one who builds but also destroys will almost never rise up.'

Bihar al-Anwar
Ibid. v. 70, p. 286, no. 8

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In a ground-breaking first for British television, this three-part series presented by Rageh Omaar charts the life of Muhammad, a man who - for the billion and half Muslims across the globe - is the messenger and final prophet of God.

In a journey that is both literal and historical, and beginning in Muhammad's birthplace of Mecca, Omaar investigates the Arabia Muhammad was born into - a world of tribal loyalties and polytheistic religion.

Drawing on the expertise and comment of some of the world's leading academics and commentators on Islam, the programme examines Muhammad's first marriage to Khadijah and how he received the first of the revelations that had such a profound effect both on his life, and on the lives of those closest to him.


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