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when 'Abd al-'Azim al-Hasani asked him about Dhul Kifl and his name, and whether he was a messenger, said, 'Allah, exalted be His remembrance, sent one hundred and twenty four thousand prophets, of whom three hundred and thirteen were messengers, and Dhul Kifl was one of them, peace of Allah be upon them all. He was after Solomon, son of David (AS), and he used to judge between people like David did before him. He never became angry other than for Allah, and his name was 'Uwaydiya'. He is the one Allah, Mighty and Exalted, has mentioned in His book, saying remember Ishmael, Elisha and Dhu'l-Kifl each {of whom was} among the elect. '.

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Taqi [as]
asas al-Anbiyd', p. 213, no. 211

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On the Tenth Day, of the First Month of the Islamic calendar, in the year 61; on the hot desert plains of Karbala, a small group of 73 noble individuals were massacred by an army of 70,000 men.
The victims were devout followers of the religion of Islam.
The perpetrators, led by Yazeed, son of Mu'awiyah, claimed to follow that very same religion. It was a day 'When Skies Wept Blood'.

The sacrifice of Karbala is unrivalled from the dawn of time, yet the martyrdom of Hussain and his exalted 72 companions is neglected by the majority of Muslims and non muslims, alike.
Imam Hussain sought to bring justice through this great sacrifice. He did not revive the religion of Islam, he resurrected it.
Redtears brings you a historical documentary looking at the chain of events from the death of the Holy Prophet, Muhammad, to the tragic massacre of Karbala.


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