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'In the battle of Dhat al-Riqa', the Prophet (SAWA) descended under a tree on the side of a valley when a flood came and separated him from his companions. A man from among the polytheists saw him whilst the Muslims were standing on the side of the valley waiting for the flood to subside. One of the polytheists said to his people, 'I will kill Muhammad!' So he came and drew his sword against the Prophet (SAWA), saying, 'Who will save you now from me O Muhammad?!' to which he replied, my Lord and your Lord', upon which [the angel] Gabriel (AS) threw him down from his horse and he fell onto his back. The Prophet (SAWA) then stood up, took the sword and sat on his chest, saying, 'Who will save you now from me, O Ghawrith?' to which he replied, 'Your magnanimity and generosity, O Muhammad' at which he left him. The man stood up, saying, 'By Allah, you are indeed better and nobler than me.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Kafi, v. 8, p. 127, no. 97

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The greatest and most effective way in which you can help us is by remembering and mentioning us in your Duas. Not only is this method of assistance the least demanding on you but more importantly it is the most powerful!

Even if we were to have all the donations and manpower we needed to carry out our projects yet the doors of Allah’s mercy and acceptance have not been opened for us then everything we would have done would have been in vain. With the help of Allah even the most difficult of tasks become easy, and out of His ultimate mercy He has opened for us the door of supplication, so let us not be of those who are heedless of this bounty! By remembering others first in your Duas you will not only be increasing in your own good deeds but you will also be increasing your chances in Allah anring your own wishes...

“When someone supplicates, he should pray for others first, for it renders his supplication more conductive to being answered...and his supplication for them as well as himself will duly be answered”
Prophet Mohammed (saw)
Source: Bihar al-Anwar, v.93, p.313, no.17


With the help of the Almighty we have been able to fund ourselves in all our projects so far, but as we continue to expand horizons and embark on new opportunities the financial strains gradually start to tighten.
By donating to Qul you can be rest assured that your money is going to a lofty and noble cause in the way of Allah, and that every amount that you generously give is greatly appreciated, no matter how small.

"Do not be ashamed for giving a small amount, for not giving at all is smaller" -
The Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (as)

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