Pearl of Wisdom

'You read the Qur'an and it prevents you [from sins]. And if it does not prevent you, then you are not reading it [correctly].'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Sharh Nahj al-Balagha li Ibn Abi al- Hadid, v. 10 p. 23

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Phase 1:    Teams will be assigned into 4 groups and assign a team leader who will be putting their hand up
Round 1:     10 questions, team leads have to call out their team name in order to answer
Round 2:     Leading team from Round 1 will select a category to be their main questions
Holy Quran
Prophets / Imams
Prayers / Dua / Angels
Islamic Events & Occassions

Round 1 Questions:
1.    How many times do we recite Surah al-Ikhlas in a 24 hour period in our prayers?        5
2.    Who did Prophet Musa ask to accompany him in his mission? Prophet Harun
3.    What are the names of the Prophets parents? Abdullah ibn Abd al-Muttalib and Amina bint Wahab
4.    What was the first mosque built by the Holy Prophet?        Masjid-e-Quba
5.    Which surah mentions about one of the Prophets uncle?    Al-Lahab
6.    Which Imam has the title of At-Tahir, what is his full name?    Jafar Sadiq
7.    What was the name of the Queen of Sheba?            Bilqis
8.    In which surah does the second Bismillah appear?        Surah Naml
9.    Mention a miracle produced by Prophet Salih?    Camel coming out of from the stone
10.    What is the first pillar of Islam?        Shahada

Round 2 Questions:
•    The Holy Quran
1.    How many Asma-Al-husna are mentioned in the last two verses of Sura Al-Hashr? 17
2.    The Holy Quran was revealed over how many years? 23
3.    Which ayat of the Quran confirms the Islamic Religion as the complete religion?     Al-Maidah : 3
4.    Which surah contains the longest ayah in The Holy Quran? Al Baqarh
5.    That the human being is created in the best of moulds is a verse from?         At-Tin
6.    How many of the Sura's have been revealed in Makkah?        72
7.    Which surah and ayah contains Ayatul Kursi?            Al-Baqarah 255
8.    How many parts is the Holy Quran divided into?    30
9.    How many Sajadah’s are there in the Holy Quran?    15
10.    In which ayah from Holy Quran is Shaytan referenced as being part of the Jinn? 18:50

•    Prophets / Imams   
1.    How many other sons did Prophet Ya'qub have in addition to Prophet Yusuf? 11
2.    After they disobeyed Prophet Hud, they were distroyed by a fierce wind which Allah caused to blow against them for seven nights and eight days. Who were those people?     Ad
3.    Prophet Saleh was sent to? Thamud
4.    How old was the Prophet when his Mother died?    5
5.    Which kaafir king was killed by a lame mosquito?     Namrud
6.    Who was known as Khalilullah?     Ismail AS
7.    Which Prophet was raised up by Allah (swt) and he will return before the end of this world?    Isa
8.    Whose dead body from the time of Musa (AS) is still with us today? Firaun
9.    At what age did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) die?     63
10.    What are two of the signs of of Imams Mahdi’s reappearance?

•    Prayers / Dua / Angels
1.    What form of being is Satan?    Jinn
2.    What is dry ablution called?    Tayammum
3.    Which supplication (Doa) includes: " where is the reviver of the signs of religion"?    Nudbah
4.    Reciting which of the followings for 40 consecutive mornings makes us one of Imam's servants? ‘Ahad
5.    hich one of the following has been recommended to be read on the night of 15th of ShabAn?    Kumayl
6.    hich one of the following supplications (Doas) is narrated from Imam Zaman)?    Faraj
7.    Tayammum can be performed instead of Wudhu or Ghusl under the following condition?
8.    How many angels are guarding Hell?    19
9.    Which Angel distributes sustenance to mankind?        Mikaeel
10.    Which Angel will blow the trumpet on Judgement day?        Israfeel

•    Islamic Events – Karbala, Hajj, Ramadan, Eid, Battles
1.    Which important event, mentioned in the Quran occured one year before Hijrah in Makkah?
2.    What completes the fast of Ramadan?     Payment of Sadaqa al Fitr
3.    The rate of Zakaah for money is (in percent)?    1.5
4.    The first woman martyr of Islam was?    Sumayya
5.    When will the sun rise from the west?    Near the day of judgement
6.    In which battle was the Prophet's (phub) uncle Hamzah (ra) killed?    Uhud
7.    What major event took place in the 2nd Hijrah year in the month of Ramadan?    Battle of Badr
8.    During the first three years the Prophet secretly and had very few followers. How many followers did he have?    40
9.    Who was known as the 'Greatest Warrior' of Arabia during the events of Karbala? Hazrat Abbas ibn Ali
10.    Which tribe the Imam purchase Karbala from? Bani Asad

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