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Among the narrations about Prophet David (AS) that Allah revealed unto him, '...O David, I have created the hearts of those who long for Me from My Satisfaction and I have blessed them with the light of My Face...' So David said, ?O Lord, and how did they acquire this from You?!' He said, 'As a result of their good opinion, their refraining from the world and its followers, seclusion with Me and intimate conversation with Me, and this is a station that no one will achieve until they refuse the world and its people, do not occupy themselves with anything of its remembrance, devote their hearts to Me and chose Me over all My creation.'

Prophet David [as]
al-Mahajjat al-Baydd', v. 8, p. 59-61

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The Messiah

Movie about the life of Jesus Christ from an Islamic perspective, including the entire event of the Crucifiction from an Islamic point of view.
This film provides unique information about the Islamic perspective on Jesus Christ and can serve as a way to build bridges and ferment understanding between followers of Christianity and Islam.
The film was also approved by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting


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