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'The sin is also a [source of] misfortune for people other than the perpetrator, for if someone was to expose that sin, he too is afflicted, and if he was to talk about him behind his back, he is also committing a sin, and if he is content thereof and does not bother with others' actions, then it is as if he also partook in the sin.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
al-Firdaws, v. 2, p. 249, no. 3169

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The 2007 documentary by Channel 4 about the ideology behind Iranian Shiism. The role of Imam Hussein and Islam among the Iranian people, the struggle between good and evil in contemporary politics and society viewed through the historical glasses of the tragic Karbala incident. Iranian pilgrims visit the tomb of Imam Hussein that tells their own hidden stories. Channel 4 attempts to reveal the mysterious martyrdom culture of Iranians to the British public.

A steady drumbeat of leaks suggests that the US and/or Israel may attack Iran sometime over the coming months. Once Upon a Time in Iran is a road movie featuring pilgrims and presidents: a journey to the spiritual heartlands of the Iranian people and a tale of martyrdom that defines their view of aggressors and the outside world.

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