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in his advice to Ibn Mas'ud said, ?O Ibn Mas'ud, increase in the acts of righteousness and good, for both the good [people] and the bad will regret; the good-doer will say, 'If only I had done more good!' And the bad-doer will say, 'I was negligent', and the evidence for this is the verse: And I swear by the self-blaming soul.?

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Makarim al-Akhlaq, v. 2, p. 353, no. 2660

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The Men of Andalusia - English Subtitles E-mail


This series is based on Surah 18 (Al-Kahf) of the Holy Quran, covering almost every thing about the Ashab-e-Kahf (The Dwellers/Men/Companions of the Cave) with English subtitles

This film is in Persian / Farsi and The film was also approved by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.





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