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'Indeed Allah loves every sorrowful heart and loves every grateful servant.?

Imam Ali ibn Hussain Zayn al-'Abidin [as]
Ibid. p. 99, no. 30

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The Battle Khaybar
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The Battle Khaybar
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A short film depicting the conquest of the Fort of Khaybar by the Muslim Army, led by the Holy Prophet and Imam Ali. After the failure of Abu Bakr and Umar to succeed in conquering the fort, the banner of Islam fell to Ali, who single handedly killed Marhab, the chief of the Jews, and then went on to slay Harith, the commander of the Jews. After the death of the two "lions" of the Jewish tribe the fortress the Jews had been hiding behind was conquered and the Muslims were victorious.
It was the courage of Ali, instilled in him due to his immense and unswerving faith in Allah which brought the Muslims victory, it was in this battle that the Prophet announced that the fortress of Khaybar would be conquered by a man whom Allah and His apostle love dearly, it was in this battle that the Prophet of Islam cured the eye ailment of Ali with his own spit, it was in this battle that the Companions of the Prophet remained awake all night yearning to receive the banner of Islam from the Prophet, only to have their hopes shattered when the Prophet called out "Where is Ali, bring Ali to me".
It was in this battle that Ali manifested the strength endowed upon him by Allah and tore through the ranks of the Jews, killing those who challenged him and inflicting awe into those who fled from him, leaving none with the strength to stand in front of him on the battlefield, as Ali himself says "I swear by Allah that whoever approaches me in battle shall not leave the battlefield alive, and whoever does shall not have the courage to return and face me".


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