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when asked by a man about destiny said, '[It is ] a deep sea, so do not delve into it. The man asked, ?O Commander of the Faithful, inform us about destiny.' The Imam said, 'It is the secret of Allah, so do not trouble yourself with it.' The man then asked [again], ?O Commander of the Faithful, inform us about destiny.' The Imam said, 'Seeing as you are refusing [and insisting], it is a matter between two extremes -neither predestination nor absolute free will.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Kanz al-'Ummal, no. 1567

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The series is based on the life of Hojr ibn Oday..

After the martyrdom of Amir Mo’menin, Ali ibn Abu Talib and Hasan ibn Ali, our salute to them, the few followers of this innocent family took the responsibility of defending justice by fighting oppression and worldliness.
One of the most devoted men among them was Hojr ibn Oday. He and his truthful companions followed Imam Ali’s path.

This series is a summary of Hojr and the companions lives.

This series is in Persian / Farsi with English subtitles and The film was also approved by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

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