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Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. no. 1393

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Maher Zain E-mail

This collection consists of Maher Zain who is a Swedish R&B singer, songwriter and music producer of Lebanese origin. He also resided for a while in the United States. His debut album Thank You Allah, with 13 songs and two bonus tracks was released on 1 November 2009, with an exclusive Percussion Version and a French Version released shortly afterwards.

He sings mainly in English, but also, amongst others, in French, Arabic, Urdu, Turkish and Malay.

Please take time and listen to the wonderful Islamic Songs

Forgive Me

DownloadNamePlaySize Length
download01 - I Love You So

4.4 MB4:36 min
download02 - Number One For Me

4.2 MB4:20 min
download03 - Mawlaya

4.7 MB4:52 min
download04 - My Little Girl

4.4 MB4:33 min
download05 - Forgive Me

3.7 MB3:52 min
download06 - One Big Family

4 MB4:06 min
download07 - Assalamu Alayka

4.1 MB4:14 min
download08 - Paradise

4 MB4:06 min
download09 - Masha Allah

3.9 MB4:00 min
download10 - Radhitu Billahi Rabba

4.7 MB4:57 min
download11 - Freedom

3.6 MB3:42 min
download12 - So Soon

4.9 MB5:09 min
download13 - Muhammad (pbuh)

4.4 MB4:38 min
download14 - Guide Me All The Way

4.8 MB5:02 min
download15 - Mawlaya (Arabic Version - Bonus Track)

4.7 MB4:54 min
download16 - Assalamu Alayka (Arabic Version - Bonus Track)

4.1 MB4:15 min
download17 - Radhitu Billahi Rabba (Arabic Version - Bonus Track)

4.8 MB4:59 min

Thank You Allah

DownloadNamePlaySize Length
downloadAllahi Allah Kiya Karo (feat. Irfan Makki)
Irfan Makki

7.2 MB5:14 min
downloadAlways Be There

4.1 MB4:27 min

5.1 MB3:43 min
downloadBaraka Allahu Lakuma

6.2 MB4:30 min
downloadFor the Rest of My Life

5.4 MB3:54 min
downloadHold My Hand

5.7 MB4:06 min
downloadInsha Allah

6.2 MB4:27 min
downloadOpen Your Eyes

6.1 MB4:27 min
downloadPalestine Will Be Free

6.6 MB4:55 min
downloadSubhana Allah (feat. Mesut Kurtis)
Mesut Kurtis

6.8 MB4:55 min
downloadThank You Allah (Acoustic Version - Bonus Track)

7.5 MB5:28 min
downloadThank You Allah

7.2 MB5:31 min
downloadThe Chosen One

5.4 MB3:54 min
downloadYa Nabi (Arabic Version - Bonus Track)

6.9 MB4:59 min
downloadYa Nabi Salam Alayka

6.9 MB4:59 min

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