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when asked about Allah's verse in the Qur'an: So do not flaunt your piety said, 'It refers to when someone says, 'I prayed yesterday and fasted yesterday', and its like. The Prophet (SAWA) then said, 'A group of people would wake up and say, 'We prayed and fasted yesterday', and Imam ?Ali (AS) said,

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Ma'ani al-Akhbar, p. 243, no. 1

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The cartoon dipicts the early story of Karbala, of the Muslim ibn Aqeel's journey to Kufa. This is an ideal source of young children to understand the beginning of the tragedies of Ashura.

This series is in Persian / Farsi with English subtitles and The film was also approved by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

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