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'Imam 'Ali (AS) wrote to Malik al-Ashtar who was in the frontline in the battle in BaFa, 'Do not fight those who are not advancing, nor should one who retreats be killed, nor should one finish off a wounded. He who closes the door of his house is safe.?

Imam Ali ibn Hussain Zayn al-'Abidin [as]
Ibid. v. 5, p. 32, no. 3

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Journey of Hajj E-mail

A three part documentary in English covering the three main areas of the Pilgrimage, from the Prophets Mosque to Umrah e Tamattu and Hajj e Tamattu.

Part 1 - Medina and The Prophets Mosque

Download Part 1 - Medina

Part 2 - Umrah e Tamattu

Download Part 2 - Umrah e Tamattu

Part 3 - Hajj e Tamattu

Download Part 3 - Hajj e Tamattu

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