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I and the guardian of an orphan will both be like this in Heaven, if he is wary of his duty to Allah' raising and joining his index and middle fimgers.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Nur al-Thaqalayn, v. 5, p: 597, no. 23

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Inspired by a true story, "RockBottom" is a short film that was shot, produced and directed locally in the Detroit Metro Area (Dearborn) by AscentTV. The film tells the story of a young man, Adam (played by Jalal Moughania), who loses his way in life from a very young age. Victimized by outside factors controlling the course of his life, Adam decides to take the role of the predator rather than the victim.

Director: Wissam Bazzi

Starring: Fouad Zaban, Hussien Beydoun, Jalal Moughania, Ahmad Ayoub and James Hakkany.

The film has premiered in several cities across the U.S including: Dearborn, Canton, Washington D.C., and Dallas.

Download: Rock Bottom in HD
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