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'Verily Allah loves gentleness and He aids in implementing it, so when you ride a lean animal, dismount it at the right place for if the land is barren and arid then get away from it and if the land is lush and fertile then dismount the animal [and allow it to rest].'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 120, no. 12

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We acknowledge that 'Richcrest Animation, Badr International and Muwaffak Al-Harithy' for providing the original film containing the featured video. Their reference is

DVD Muhammad (pbuh): The Last Prophet. Dir. Richard Rich. 2004. DVD. Badr International, 2008

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Muhammad: The Last Prophet

The movie is set about 1400 years ago, during the early years of Islam, and relates the events that unfolded that led to the rise of a renewed religion in the Arabian desert. The film aims to introduce the story of Islam and its Prophet to new generations. Key events are covered to present the main thrust of Muhammad's message and the struggles early Muslims endured to protect that message and bring lasting change to Meccan society.
The film was also approved by the High Islamic Congress of the Shiat in Lebanon.



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