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'Silence that brings you good health is better than speech which causes you blame.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. no. 5865

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Below is all the answers to the questions handed out during the 'Jaffaria Association of Victoria Inc' Muharram event.

  1. Who does the Ahl-ul-bayt consist of?
    Prophet Muhammad, Bibi Fatima Zahra, Imam Ali, Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain

  2. What is the name of the third Imam
    Imam Hussain (AS)

  3. When did Hurr ibn Yazid join the Imams side
    The eve of Ashura

  4. Which companion conquered the Euphrates River?
    Hazrat Abbas ibn Ali

  5. What were the names of the two young brothers who fought in Karbala
    Aun ibn Abdullah & Muhammad ibn Abdullah

  6. Who was thrown from the tower of Kufa before the events of Karbala
    Muslim ibn Aqeel

  7. Which tribe the Imam purchase Karbala from?
    The tribe of Bani Asad

  8. How old was the youngest martyr of Karbala?
    Ali Asghar who was 6months old

  9. Who was known to be the first martyr of Karbala?
    Hurr ibn Yazid

  10. Which member of the Imam's family died in the dungeons of Yazid?
    Sakinah bint Hussain

  11. Who else accompanied Hurr ibn Yazid when he joined allegiance?
    His son and their slave

  12. Which family member in Karbala resembled the Prophet in apperance?
    Ali Akbar

  13. Who was known as the 'Greatest Warrior' of Arabia during the events of Karbala?
    Hazrat Abbas ibn Ali

  14. The title 'Best of Whorshippers' is assigned to which family member?
    Imam Ali Zain-ul-Abideen, our fourth Imam

  15. Who from the Imams family was related to Yazid by blood via his mother, Layla?
    Ali Akbar

  16. Which companion always referred to his brother as 'Master'?
    Hurr ibn Yazid

  17. Under what circumstanes is Tayammum allowed?
    Refer here

  18. Which parts of the Wudhu is obligatory and which parts are recommended?
    Refer here

  19. Under what conditions is the 'Ayat' prayer wajib / obligitory?
    Refer here

  20. When is the exact moment that the Maghrib / Sham Namaaz becomes active?
    The time of Maghrib prayer is once the sun has completely set beneath the horizon

  21. What was the name of the second Imam's son who fought in Karbala?
    Qasim ibn Hasan

  22. What are the four main reasons we mourn during Muharram?
    to remind oneself of Hussain's incomparable sacrifice, a way to thank him, a way to express love for him, and a way to broadcast to the world his message of true freedom

  23. What was the name of the Imam's horse?
    Zul-Jana meaning The Winged

  24. Which companion was honoured with holding the 'alam / standard?
    Hazrat Abbas ibn Ali

  25. Which member was martyred with a three headed arrow?
    Ali Asghar who was 6months old

  26. What were the names of some of the Ladies in the Imam's camp?
    Bibi Zainab, Bibi Umme Kulthum

  27. Which members of the Imam's family were martyred on the plains of Karbala?
    Imam Hussain, Abbas ibn Ali, Qasim ibn Hasan, Aun & Muhammad ibn Abdullah, Ali Akbar, Ali Asghar

  28. Which members of the family were sent to Yazid's palace?
    Bibi Zainab, Imam Zain ul-Abideen, Bibi Sakinah

  29. Who gave the courageous speech at Yazid's palace?
    Bibi Zainab

  30. Who defended the Imam's life in the final stages when a solider intended to kill him ?
    Abd-Allah ibn Hasan

  31. Which solider feared and backed away from causing the final blow on the Imam?
    Khowali ibn Yazid al-Asbahiy

  32. Who eventually martyed the Imam?
    Shimr ibn Dhiljawshan

  33. Who does the 14 Maslooms consists of?
    Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, Bibi Fatima Zahra, and the twelve Imams

  34. What was the Imam doing exactly before he was martyred?
    Conducting his prayer

  35. What was the kunniyat / patronymic of our third Imam?
    Abu Abdullah

  36. Which Messenger was sent to guide the people of 'Ad?
    Prophet Hud

  37. Which Messenger was sent to guide the people of Thamud?
    Prophet Salih

  38. Which Messenger was chosen as a 'Friend of God'?
    Prophet Ibrahim

  39. Which Messenger was sent to guide the people of Sodom?
    Prophet Lut

  40. Which Messenger was gifted with interpreting dreams?
    Prophet Yusuf

  41. Which Messenger was sent to guide the people of Madyan?
    Prophet Shu'ayb

  42. Who was given wisdom and gave admonitions to his son?
    Luqman the Wise

  43. Which Messenger threw his staff down to produce a miracle?
    Prophet Musa

  44. How many and what are the names of the Eid's we celebrate?
    3 commonly of Eid-al-Fitr, Eid-al-Ghardir, Eid-al Azha

  45. Who constructed the initial 'House of God' in Mecca?
    Prophet Ibrahim with his son Prophet Ismail

  46. Who did the Prophet of Pharaoh's time ask to accompany him in support?
    Prophet Musa asked his brother Harun for support in his mission

  47. Which Messenger had the mountains and birds in his command?
    Prophet Dawud

  48. Which two messengers were favoured among other servants with immense wordly power?
    Prophet Dawud and his son Prophet Sulayman

  49. The wind, molten brass, and Jinn were dedicated to which Messenger
    Prophet Sulayman

  50. Which Prophet confirmed the Torah that came before him?
    Prophet 'Isa

  51. Which Messenger demonstrated a miracle while still in the cradle?
    Prophet 'Isa

  52. Who has the honour of being the 'Seal of Prophethood'?
    Prophet Muhammad

  53. What is the names of the 25 Prophets mentioned in our Holy Book?
    Refer here

  54. How many Rakats do the Night Prayer / Namaaz-e-Shab have?
    11 Rakats

  55. Who had the unique birth that no other Prophet or Saint was ever blessed with?
    Imam Ali, being born within the walls of the Kaaba

  56. Which Angel will blow the trumpet on Judgement day?
    Angel Israfeel

  57. Which Angel will distributes sustenance to mankind?
    Angel Mikaeel

  58. Which Angel takes out the soul of human beings, referred as the Angel of Death?
    Angel Izraeel

  59. Which Angel delivers the command of God to His Prophets?
    Angel Jibreel

  60. How many and who were the Holy Books revealed to?
    Torah - Prophet Musa, Psalms - Prophet Dawud, Evangel - Prophet 'Isa, Holy Quran - Prophet Muhammad

  61. What is the first month of the Islamic calendar?

  62. In what month is Hajj performed?

  63. What are the 5 Usool-e-deen / Roots of Religion?
    1. Tawheed, 2. Adl, 3.Nubuwat, 4. Qiyamat, 5. Tawheed

  64. What are the 10 Furoo-e-deen / branches of religion?
    1. Namaz, 2. Roza, 3. Hajj, 4. Zakat, 5. Khums, 6. Jehad, 7. Amra-Bul-Ma'aroof, 8. Nahi-Anil-Munkar, 9. Tawalla, 10. Tabarra

  65. How many other types of wajib / obligitory prayers are there besides the 5 daily?

  66. How many Asma-ul-Husna / Beautiful Names of God are there?

  67. Which ayah from our Holy Book states that Jesus was not crucifed?
    Holy Quran (4:157-158)

  68. Which ayah from our Holy Book refers to Jesus birth?
    Holy Quran (19:16-35)

  69. Which ayah from our Holy Book refers to Friday prayers?
    Holy Quran (62:9-10)

  70. Which ayah from our Holy Book refers to Greetins / saying Salam?
    Holy Quran (4:86)

  71. Which ayah from our Holy Book refers to Blessings on the Prophet?
    Holy Quran (33:56)

  72. Which ayah from our Holy Book refers to those who are slain in the way of God?
    Holy Quran (3:169)

  73. Which ayah from our Holy Book refers to gambling and intoxicants?
    Holy Quran (5:93-94)

  74. Which ayahs from our Holy Book refer to the Prophets Ahl-ul-bayt?
    Holy Quran (33:33 & 9:119)

  75. Which surah from our Holy Book has no opening of 'Bismillah'?
    Holy Quran Surah 9 Taubah / Repentance

  76. In which surah is there two 'Bismillah's?
    Holy Quran Surah Naml / Ant (27:30)

  77. Who was first to recite the Adhaan aloud?
    Bilal, a Companion of the Prophet

  78. What were the first ayahs revealved to our Prophet?
    Holy Quran (96:1-)

  79. Which Prophet of God lived beyond 900 years?
    Prophet Nuh / Noah

  80. In which ayah from our Holy Book is Shaytan referenced as being part of the Jinn?
    Holy Quran (18:50)
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