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'Beware of sitting with kings and worldly people, for in this there is the erosion of your religion and it will bring about hypocrisy in you, and this is a serious disease from which there is no cure. It will also engender hardheartedness and deprive you of true submission [to Allah]. You must stick to those people who are most like you and the middle classes of people, for it is with them that you find the true jewels [great talents].'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Usul al-Sitta 'Ashar, p. 57

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Video Library » Cartoons / Animations » Tuva: Wealth of Salah
Tuva: The Wealth of Salah E-mail

Tuva and his band of friends as they unite against incredible odds to help the youngest member of their gang over come a tragic accident.

Pitted against the diabolical plans of a greedy local businessman and the menace of a local thug and his gang, the bonds of friendship are tested as even the closest friend is tempted by…the temptation of gold



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