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'Verily 'Ali: was knowledgeable and knowledge is something that is inherited. In fact, no sooner does a knowledgeable man die than there remains after him one who knows his knowledge or whatever Allah wishes.'

Imam Hasan ibn Ali al-Mujtaba [as]
al-Kafi, v. 1, p. 221, no. 1

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The series is based on the legendary philosopher, Mulla Sadra.

Sadr al-Din Shirazi, known as Mulla Sadra and Sadr al Muta'allihin, was the philosopher who, after centuries Of philosophical development in Islam, brought complete order and harmony into the discussion of philosophical problems for the first time. He organised and systematised them like mathematical problems and at the same time wed philosophy and gnosis, thereby brining about several important developments.

He gave to philosophy new easy to discuss and solve hundreds of problem that could not be solved through Peripatetic philosophy. He made possible the analysis and solution of a series of mystical questions which to that day had been considered as belonging to a domain above that of reason and beyond comprehension through rational thought.

He clarified and elucidated the meaning of many treasuries of wisdom. Contained in the exoteric sources of religion and in the profound metaphysical utterances of the Imams of the Household of the Prophet, that for centuries had been considered as insoluble riddles and usually believed to be of an allegorical or even unclear nature.

In this way, gnosis, philosophy and the exoteric aspect of religion were completely harmonized and began to follow a single course. By following the methods he had developed, Mulla Sadra succeeded in providing ‘transubsantial motion’ and in discovering the intimate relation of time to the three spatial dimensions in a manner that is similar to the meaning given in modern physics to the ‘fourth dimension’ and which resembles the general principles of the theory of relativity, and many other noteworthy principles.

He wrote nearly fifty books and treatises. Among his greatest masterpieces is the four-volume Asfar.

This series is in Persian / Farsi with English subtitles and The film was also approved by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

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