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Narrating from Ja'far: 'Fatima (AS) came to Abu Bakr asking for her inheritance, and 'Abbas b. 'Abd al-Mutalib also asked for his inheritance and 'Ali (AS) came with them. Abu Bakr said, 'The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'We do not leave inheritance; whatever we leave is charity', so whoever the Prophet was responsible for in their livelihood, I am responsible for.' 'Ali (AS) said, 'Solomon inherited from David , and Zacharias said, ' who may inherit from me and inherit from the House of Jacob. Abu Bakr said, 'That is right, but by Allah you know the same as what I know.' Then 'Ali said, 'This is the Book of Allah talking. So they ['Ali, Fatima and 'Abbas] kept quiet and left.'

Tabaqat al-Kubra
al-Tabaqat al-Kubrd, v. 2, p. 315

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This collection consists of Mishary Rashid al Afasy who is a Kuwaiti national and a qari. He is the Imam of Masjid Al-Kabir (Grand Mosque (Kuwait)) in Kuwait City, and leads the taraweeh prayers in Ramadan every year. He studies in the College of the Quran and Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Madinah and has specialized in the ten readings and translations of the Quran. Also, he has been certified by a number of scholars of Quran. He makes frequent appearances on television. Many of his recitations can be also found across the internet.

Please take time and reflect by listening to the wonderful recitations.


DownloadNamePlaySize Length
download001. Al Fatihah

0.8 MB0:52 min
download002. Al Baqarah

115.6 MB126:16 min
download003. Al Imran

72.1 MB78:45 min
download004. An Nisa

73.2 MB79:57 min
download005. Al Maidah

57.7 MB63:01 min
download006. Al Anam

66.4 MB72:30 min
download007. Al Araf

76.2 MB83:15 min
download008. Al Anfal

28 MB30:38 min
download009. At Tawbah

55.3 MB60:25 min
download010. Yunus

41.4 MB45:13 min
download011. Hud

42.5 MB46:26 min
download012. Yusuf

38.5 MB42:05 min
download013. Ar Rad

18.8 MB20:31 min
download014. Ibrahim

18.7 MB20:27 min
download015. Al Hijr

14.6 MB15:55 min
download016. An Nahl

38.8 MB42:24 min
download017. Al Isra

30.5 MB33:17 min
download018. Al Kahf

30.7 MB33:30 min
download019. Maryam

19.6 MB21:23 min
download020. Ta Ha

24.8 MB27:08 min
download021. Al Anbiya

24.2 MB26:25 min
download022. Al Hajj

27 MB29:32 min
download023. Al Muminun

22.9 MB25:00 min
download024. An Nur

28.1 MB30:41 min
download025. Al Furqan

16.8 MB18:22 min
download026. Ash Shuara

28.2 MB30:47 min
download027. An Naml

24 MB26:12 min
download028. Al Qasas

29 MB31:44 min
download029. Al Ankabut

19.6 MB21:25 min
download030. Ar Rum

17.9 MB19:31 min
download031. Luqman

10.9 MB11:55 min
download032. As Sajdah

8 MB8:44 min
download033. Al Ahzab

26.8 MB29:17 min
download034. Saba

17.4 MB19:03 min
download035. Fatir

16.1 MB17:37 min
download036. Ya Sin

16.2 MB17:40 min
download037. As Safat

22.3 MB24:24 min
download038. Sad

16.3 MB17:50 min
download039. Az Zumar

24.9 MB27:10 min
download040. Ghafir

24.1 MB26:22 min
download041. Fussilat

17.7 MB19:20 min
download042. Ash Shura

17.8 MB19:30 min
download043. Az Zukhruf

18.7 MB20:28 min
download044. Ad Dukhan

9 MB9:51 min
download045. Al Jathiyah

9.9 MB10:50 min
download046. Al Ahqaf

14.6 MB15:57 min
download047. Muhammad

11.3 MB12:18 min
download048. Al Fath

11 MB12:02 min
download049. Al Hujurat

7.9 MB8:35 min
download050. Qaf

8.5 MB9:20 min
download051. Adh Dhariyat

8.3 MB9:05 min
download052. At Tur

7.4 MB8:05 min
download053. An Najm

7 MB7:41 min
download054. Al Qamar

7.4 MB8:03 min
download055. Ar Rahman

10.4 MB11:19 min
download056. Al Waqiah

10.9 MB11:57 min
download057. Al Hadid

12.6 MB13:43 min
download058. Al Mujadilah

9.4 MB10:13 min
download059. Al Hashr

9.6 MB10:26 min
download060. Al Mumtahanah

6.9 MB7:31 min
download061. As Saff

4.5 MB4:53 min
download062. Al Jumuah

3.3 MB3:34 min
download063. Al Munafiqun

3.9 MB4:18 min
download064. At Taghabun

5 MB5:25 min
download065. At Talaq

5.5 MB6:01 min
download066. At Tahrim

5.7 MB6:12 min
download067. Al Mulk

7 MB7:35 min
download068. Al Qalam

7 MB7:36 min
download069. Al Haqqah

6.2 MB6:46 min
download070. Al Maarij

4.9 MB5:18 min
download071. Nuh

4.3 MB4:41 min
download072. Al Jinn

5.1 MB5:35 min
download073. Al Muzzammil

3.7 MB4:04 min
download074. Al Muddaththir

5 MB5:24 min
download075. Al Qiyamah

3.2 MB3:32 min
download076. Al Insan

4.8 MB5:15 min
download077. Al Mursalat

4.6 MB4:59 min
download078. An Naba

4.5 MB4:52 min
download079. An Naziat

3.9 MB4:16 min
download080. Abasa

3.4 MB3:40 min
download081.At Takwir

2.4 MB2:38 min
download082. Al Infitar

2.1 MB2:17 min
download083. Al Mutaffifin

4.7 MB5:10 min
download084. Al Inshiqaq

2.4 MB2:40 min
download085. Al Buruj

3 MB3:18 min
download086. At Tariq

1.5 MB1:40 min
download087. Al Ala

1.6 MB1:48 min
download088. Al Ghashiyah

2 MB2:14 min
download089. Al Fajr

3.3 MB3:33 min
download090. Al Balad

1.8 MB2:00 min
download091. Ash Shams

1.3 MB1:24 min
download092. Al Layl

1.7 MB1:52 min
download093. Ad Duha

1 MB1:05 min
download094. Ash Sharh

0.7 MB0:43 min
download095. At Tin

1 MB1:05 min
download096. Al Alaq

1.5 MB1:35 min
download097. Al Qadr

0.7 MB0:45 min
download098. Al Bayyinah

1.9 MB2:06 min
download099. Az Zalzalah

0.9 MB1:00 min
download100. Al Adiyat

1.1 MB1:10 min
download101. Al Qariah

1 MB1:03 min
download102. At Takathur

1 MB1:03 min
download103. Al Asr

0.4 MB0:27 min
download104. Al Humazah

0.9 MB0:58 min
download105. Al Fil

0.7 MB0:49 min
download106. Quraysh

0.7 MB0:43 min
download107. Al Maun

0.9 MB0:58 min
download108. Al Kawthar

0.4 MB0:25 min
download109. Al Kafirun

0.8 MB0:54 min
download110. An Nasr

0.5 MB0:35 min
download111. Al Masad

0.6 MB0:42 min
download112. Al Ikhlas

0.3 MB0:22 min
download113. Al Falaq

0.5 MB0:33 min
download114. An Nas

0.8 MB0:50 min

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