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If you saw a single door [on its own], from what normally comprises a pair [of doors], with a protruding attachment, would you ever imagine that this [single door with a protrusion] was created in such a way without purpose? Rather you would certainly know that it was made in such a way to pair and providing a purpose for the protrusion]. So you would expose the other component in order to unite it [with the first one] and hence reach a useful purpose. In the same way you find a male animal as if he is part of a pair equipped for its female partner, and they unite in order to procreate and preserve [the human race]. So destroyed, defeated and wretched are the claimants of philosophy How did their hearts get blinded from this wonderful creation so as to deny the organization and purpose in it?'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Ibid. p. 75

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We acknowledge that the below references for providing the original file containing the 'Events of Karbala'. Their references are

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Lohouf, By Sayyid ibn Tawoos
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An excellent audio file of the entire story of Karbala, from the beginning of Prophet Muhammad's father to the trajic event of the day of Ashura.

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