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Job was afflicted for seven years without having committed a single sin.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
'Ilal al-Shara'i', p. 75, no. 3

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The word messenger (resul) and all its derivatives are used 513 times in the Quran. The names of the messengers sent by God are also mentioned: like Moses, Abraham, Aaron...And the total number of the messenger names used in the Quran is also 513 (Including the repetitions). The total of the repetition of these words is 1026 (513X2) and this is another miracle of the Quran. Can a man use 1026 repetitions to create such a mathematical symmetry by using both the words equally, 513 times each? And the piecemeal decent of the Quran according to circumstances must be taken into consideration. It is crystal clear that even if the entire mankind and all the jinns came together, they could not produce anything like the Quran.

88- Say, “If all the humans and the jinns came together in order to produce a Quran like this, they would surely fail, no matter how much assistance they lent one another.”
                                                                                        17. The Children of Israel, 88

Since the word “messenger” (resul) is used 513 times, the names of these messengers are also used 513 times.

We are going to see the importance of 19 in the next section, but still 513 is 27X19. Here both 19 and 27 are important because the number of the messenger’s names mentioned in the Quran is 27.

It is another miracle that our prophet’s name is mentioned as the 19th messenger in the Quran. (Together with the prophets Job and Jonah)

Number Name of the messenger Number of occurrence
1 Moses 136
2 Abraham 69
3 Noah 43
4 Lot 27
5 Joseph 27
6 Adam 25
7 Jesus 25
8 Aaron 20
9 Isaac 17
10 Solomon 17
11 Jacob 16
12 David 16
13 Ismail 12
14 Shuaib 11
15 Saaleh 9
16 Hood 7
17 Zachariah 7
18 John 5
19 Muhammad 4
20 Job 4
21 Jonah 4
22 Elias 3
23 Idris 2
24 Zalkifl 2
25 Elisha 2
26 Luqmaan 2
27 Ezra 1
- - 513(27*19)


The word Number of occurrence
The word Number of occurrence
Messenger 513

 The table we presented here has some open to discussion points, unlike the other tables we presented. It was easier to count the format of the words in the previous tables. But since this table has some debatable points, we will try to explain these in a more detailed way. (We tried not to include any controversial subjects in our book. But although this table has some ambiguities, it is helpful to distinguish who is the real messenger between the three names; Luqmaan, Ezra, Zul-Qarnain. We included the name Aarun in the expression “Aarun’s sister” which is in the sura Mary, to our table since that refers to Mary and gives the information that they both come from the same family. That is why we thought this expression mentions Aarun and we added this word to our counting. We did not include the name “Ahmed” which is used for our prophet since we thought it is used to describe a characteristic (praise, praised) of him rather than his name. Throughout the Quran, the Prophet is called by the name “Muhammad”, not “Ahmed”. And likewise, the name used for prophet Jonah, “zan noon”, is also presents his character, not his name. That is why we did not include that name also.

The names, Luqmaan, Ezra, Zul-Quarnain, which are mentioned in the Quran have also controversial points about whether they are prophets or not. We added to our list Luqmaan which is used twice and Ezra which is used once, but did not include Zul-Quarnain which is used three times in the Quran. It can be said that this list is prepared arbitrarily. But it must be noted that all the derivatives of the word “messenger” are used 513 times and the total names of the prophets used in the Quran is also 513. The use of the names of messengers is not 300, 400, 450, or 550, 600, 800. The total number of the names of messengers mentioned in the Quran cannot be changed decreasing or increasing by 10. The maximum number that can be changed in controversial subjects is 6 or 7. Although this table may be judged arbitrary at first, it is not so, since the number of the use of names (513) and number’s coefficient (27) compel us to make a selection.

Here we come face to face with another mathematical miracle of the Quran: problem solving. For example; the question whether Lukmaan, Zul-Quarnain, and Ezra are prophets or not, is one such a problem. We will try to solve this problem with the mathematical charecteristics of the Quran. The frequency of the messenger names and the frequency of the derivatives of word “messenger” are very close. So we can expect to solve this problem with the help of mathematics. And we have the number 27 which can be accepted as a coefficient. We tried to solve this problem in the previous table. But we are ready to accept other alternative explanations and criticisms. God knows best. The Quran is a sufficient miracle for believers.

51- Is it not sufficient for them that We have sent down to you the Book, being read to them? It is indeed a grace and reminder for people who believe.
                                                                                         29. The Female Spider, 51.

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