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'A rich man, clad in a clean robe, once came to the Prophet (SAWA) and sat near the Prophet (SAWA). Then a poor man clad in dirty clothes came and sat next to the rich man, at which the rich man grabbed his clothes from under his thighs. So the Prophet (SAWA) asked him, 'Do you fear that some of his poverty will rub off onto you?!' so he replied, 'No.' Then he asked, 'Then perhaps you fear that some of your riches will fall upon him?!' to which he replied, 'No.' So he asked, 'Then do you fear that he will make your clothes dirty?!' to which he again replied no. So the Prophet (SAWA) asked him, 'Then what made you do what you just did?' to which he replied [remorsefully], ?O Prophet of Allah, verily I have an associate [i.e. Satan] who embellishes every ugly act to me, and who makes every good act appear ugly to me. Indeed I will give him [the poor man] half my wealth!' So the Prophet (SAWA) asked the poor man, 'Do you accept it?' and he replied, 'No', so the rich man exclaimed, 'But why not?!' so he replied, 'I fear that the same thing that has affected him will affect me!'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 262, no. 11

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The word “darran” which means harm and the opposite “nefan” which means benefit are used in these forms equally 9 times. The interesting point is that in 8 of these 9 repetitions, these two words are used emphasizing the opposite meanings involved and used in the same verse. There is a mathematical miracle in this repetition’s being not 9 but 8. If all these repetitions were in conjunction, there would be 9 repetition symmetries in the use. So the 8 times repetition shows the relation between these words and 1 time separate use shows the mathematical miracle. The verses these two words are used in conjunction are as follows: 5.The Feast 76, 7.The Purgatory 188, 10.Jonah 49, 13.The Thunder16, 20.Ta-Ha 89, 25. The Distinguisher 3, 34.Sheba 42, and 48.Victory 11. Apart from these 8 uses, the word “harm” (darran) is used in the sura Jinn’s 21st verse, and the word “benefit” (nefan) is mentioned in the sura Women 11th verse only once. The following is an example of these words’ being used together:

76- Say”Would you worship besides God powerless idols who can neither harm you, nor benefit you”
                                                          5. The Feast, 76

The word Number of occurrence
Harm 9
Benefit 9
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