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'It is related that a companion of the Commander of the Faithful (AS) whose name was Hammam and was a devoted worshipper had said to him, ?O Commander of the Faithful, describe to me the Godwary in such a way as though I was to see them.' So he (AS) praised Allah and extolled Him, and praised the Prophet (SAWA) and then said: 'The Godwary [in this world] are the people of virtue. Their speech is to the point, their dress is moderate and their gait is humble. They keep their eyes closed to what Allah has made unlawful for them, and they put their ears to that knowledge which is beneficial to them. They remain in times of trials as they have been in times of comfort. If there had not been fixed periods [of life] ordained for each, their spirits would not have remained in their bodies even for the twinkling of an eye because of [their] eagerness for the reward and fear of chastisement... The sign of any one of them is that you will see that he has strength in religion, prudence along with leniency, faith with conviction, eagerness in [seeking] knowledge with forbearance, moderation in wealth, devotion in worship, gracefulness in neediness, endurance in hardship, desire for the lawful, pleasure in guidance and hatred of greed. He performs virtuous deeds but still feels afraid. In the evening he is anxious to offer thanks [to Allah]. In the morning his anxiety is to remember [Allah]. He passes the night in fear and rises in the morning in joy fear lest night is passed in forgetfulness, and joy over the favour and mercy received by him. If his self refuses to endure a thing which it does not like he does not grant its request towards what it likes. The coolness of his eye lies in what is to last forever, while from the things [of this world] that will not last he keeps aloof. He transfuses knowledge with forbearance, and speech with action. You will see his hopes simple, his shortcomings few, his heart fearing, his spirit contented, his meal small arid simple, his religion safe, his desires dead and his anger suppressed. Good alone is expected from him. Evil from him is not to be feared.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Balagha, Sermon 193

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The Holy Qur'an » Facts and Miracles » The 309th Word
The 309th Word E-mail
We have seen earlier that the mathematical miracle in lexical concordance can be presented in many different ways. The concordance in the Quran is sometimes given as lexical concordance with the universe and sometimes as lexical concordance merely. We shall see a different type of miracle in this section. The 18th sura, The Cave, relates the story of seven sleepers who had slept in a cave for 300 years, 9 years were added to this time period. We shall see why this number was not given directly as 309, but mentioned as above in the sections on the 19 miracle. If this number was given as 309 then the total of the numbers given in the Quran would not be a multiply of 19.

In the 9th verse of 18th sura, the youth who stay in a cave are mentioned. Until the 25th verse, all the verses are about these young people and in the 25th verse, it is told that these youths stayed in the cave for 300+9 years. If we start counting the words from 9th verse which talks about these young people, the word that comes right after the expression “And they stayed in their cave...” is the 309th word. From the beginning of these young people’s adventure until the end of the time they stayed in the cave, the story is told in 308 words and the 309th word is the word 300+9 years which is the time they stayed in the cave. The following verse is given below:

25- They stayed in the cave: three hundred years and nine.
                                                                             18. The Cave, 25

How many years did the youngsters stay in the cave?



How many words are used from the beginning of the verses that describe the youngsters still the end of the time they stayed in the cave is mentioned?


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