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when a Jew asked him about the reason for him being called Muhammad, Alfmad, Abu al-Qasim, Bashir, Nadhir, and Da'i he replied, 'As for Muhammad, Iam praised [mapmild] in this earth, and Alfmad is that I am praised in the Heaven. As for Abu al-Qasim, Allah will divide the Day of Resurrection into two parts; the part (qis ma) of Hell, and those who disbelieve in me from among the first ones to the last ones will be in the Hellfire; and the part of Heaven, and whoever believes in me from among the first ones to the last ones, and has acknowledged my prophethood will be in Heaven. AI-Da'![the caller] is that I call people to the religion of my Lord Almighty. AlNadhir [the warner] is that I warn people who disobey me about the Hellfire. Al-Bashir [bringer of good news] is that I bring the good news of Heaven to those who obey me.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Ma 'ani al-Akhbar, p. 52, no. 2

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The People of Lot and the Shower of rocks E-mail
In the previous chapter, we pointed out that between the 23rd and 31st verses of the sura Moon the Quran mentions the Thamud. And in the 31st verse of the same sura, it is mentioned that Thamud was destroyed with a noise (sayha). We tried to show the numerical relationship between the words “Thamud” and the “noise”. In the same sura, 3 verses later, in the 34th verse, it is mentioned that the people of Lot was destroyed by a shower of rocks (hasibe). In the Quran, while the phrases used for the people of Lot (kavmun Lot, Ihvanun Lot) are mentioned 8 times, the terms shower of rocks (hasibe) that destroyed that society is mentioned exactly half as much, viz, 4 times. It is important to notice that the destructions of Thamud and the people of Lot are mentioned in the same sura successively, and they both have the same lexical relationship between their names and the way they are destroyed. The verse of the sura Moon which mentions the destruction of the people of Lot is given below:

54- We showered them with rocks. Only Lot’s family was saved at dawn.
                                                                                                   54. The Moon, 34

The word Number of occurrence
The people of Lot  8(4X2)
The shower of rocks 4
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