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in his will to his son, al-Hasan (AS), 'And know my son that if your Lord were to have a partner, his messengers would surely have come to you, and you would have seen the signs of his dominion and his power, and you would know his acts and his attributes. He, however, is One God, just as He as described Himself. He is neither opposed by anyone in His kingdom, nor will He ever cease to be.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Baldgha, Letter 31

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The word “qýst” which means “justice” is mentioned 15 times in the Quran in infinitive form. The opposite “zulm” which is “injustice” is also mentioned 15 times in the same form. The following verse is a good;

47- We will establish the scales of justice on the Day of Resurrection. No soul will suffer any injustice. Even the equivalent of a mustard seed will be accounted for. We are the most efficient reckoners.
                                                                                                          21. The Prophets, 47

The word Number of occurrence
Justice 15
Injustice 15
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