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to Abu Hashim alJa'far!, my grave will be in Surra Man Ra'a [present day Samarra] and will be a place of security for people on both sides of it [Euphrates].'

Imam Hasan ibn Ali al-Askari [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 102, p. 59, no. 1

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In the Quran, the words “mercy” (rahmet) and “guide” (hüda) are used together in 13 verses. Actually only this is enough to show the relation between these words. God’s guidance of mankind is the biggest mercy for them. These two words are used in the Quran 79 times each in the same format. The words “Rahman (Gracious), “Rahim” (Merciful) and other derivatives which come from the same stem of the word “rahmet”, are all used in a way that they all form a mathematical miracle. We shall examine the in the next chapter and in the section 19. Below is an example of a verse where the words “mercy” and “guide” are used together.

77- It is a guide and mercy for the believers.
                                                   27. The Ant, 77

The word Number of occurrence
Mercy 79
Guide 79
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