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'Come closer to your soul by retracting from it [i.e. its carnal desires].'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 2434

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The Stages of Creation and Man E-mail

Verse 67 of the sura The Believer and the verse 14 of the sura The Belivers refer to the stages of the creation of the man. We can sum up the stages until the time of the birth under 6 head lines: 1- dust, 2- drop (sperm), 3- the hanging (the hanging on the womb wall), 4- a bite size meat, 5- the bones, 6- flesh. (We examined how miraculously the Quran speaks of the creation of man between the chapters 48 and 54) The words that describe the stages are mentioned as follows ; 1- dust (turab) 17 times 2- drop (nutfe) 12 times 3- the hanging (alaq) 6 times 4- a bite size meat (mudgha) 3 times 5- the bones (izame) 15 times 6- flesh (lahm) 12 times. These stages man undergo before his birth are used 65 times in total. And the word “man” is also used 65 times in the Quran. Can all this be the consequence of coincidences? The two verses which reflect to the stages of creation are as follows:

67- He is the One who created you from dust, and subsequently from a drop, then a hanging, then He brings you forth as a child…
                                                                                                              40. The Believer, 67

14- Then We developed the drop into a hanging, then develop the hanging into a bite size meat, then created the bite size meat into bones, then covered the bones with flesh. Then formed him into a new creation. Most blessed is God, the best creator.
                                                                                                           23. The Believers, 14

The word Number of occurrence
Dust 17
Drop 12
Hanging 6
Bite size meat 3
Bones 15
Flesh 12
  Total = 65
Man 65
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