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'The man who has no debt to people is more comfortable than the one indebted, even if he repayed his debt; and similarly the man who has not committed any sins is more comfortable than he who has committed sins, even if he has sincerely repented and returned [to the right path].'

Prophet Jesus [as]
Ibid. no. 392

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The Holy Qur'an » Facts and Miracles » Sin and Sexual Crime, Transgression, Wrath
Sin and Sexual Crime, Transgression, Wrath E-mail

We saw, in MMLC 19, that the words “sexual crime” (fahsha), “transgression” (baghy) and “wrath” (ghazabun) were mentioned 24 times each, in the Quran. All these words are connected with the word “sin” (el-ism). Especially since the words “sexual crime” (fahsha) and “transgression” (baghy) imply the word “sin” (el-ism), their relationship are clear. And since behaviors which would entail wrath (ghazabun) are also considered as sin, the word “wrath” (ghazabun) is also related to the word “sin” (el-ism). As the words related to sin are used 24 times each, the word “sin” (el-ism) itself is used twice as much, viz. 48 times (24X2). As some words are used in equal numbers forming a mathematical miracle, sometimes some others are mentioned twice as often to perform a different kind of miracle. We shall give some examples to this kind of miracle in the following chapters. We gave examples for the words “sexual crime”, “transgression” and “wrath” in MMLC the number 19. Below is an example for “sin” (el-ism)

120- You should avoid both, the visible and invisible sins.
                                                                         6. The Cattle, 120

The word Number of occurrence
Sin 48 (24X2)
Sexual crime 24
Transgression 24
Wrath 24
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