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'Verily the servant will come on the Day of Resurrection having performed many good deeds which please him, when a man will come, complaining [to Allah], ?O Lord, this man has wronged me', whereupon some of his good deeds will be taken and transferred to the good deeds of the plaintiff. The situation will continue thus until finally he will be left with no good deeds, and then the plaintiff's evil deeds will start being transferred to his own evil deeds, and he will continue to pay for them thus until he will enter the Fire.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Rawdat al-Wa'izin, p. 512

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The word moon (Qamar), is used exactly 27 times in the Quran together with its derivatives. This number is equal to the number which is the moon’s ecliptic cycle around the world. (We mentioned the Quran’s description of the moon in the 15th and 16th chapters of our book’s first section). The Quran indicates that both the sun and the moon are based on calculation. (Gracious, 55) The sun’s and the moon’s definition in terms of mathematics is interesting and these words in question are mathematically coded in the Quran.

The word Number of occurrence
Moon 27
How long does the moon’s ecliptic cycle take? 27
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