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He who walks to a mosque intending to join the congregation gets the equivalent of seventy thousand good deeds for every step he takes, and he is raised as many levels, and if he dies on the way, Allah assigns seventy thousand angels to visit him in his grave to keep him company in his loneliness and to seek forgiveness for him until the day he is raised again.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 76, p. 336, no. 1

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125 how to pay khums? I have not payed any khums in my life, but I wish to do so now and repay the overdue amount.

What's do I have to do now, how can i determine how much I need to pay, or can I just pay one large amount to ensure its all repaid?
154 define khums and zakat what is khums and zakaat and how do i fulfill these vajibats in my fru-e-deen?
173 khums and tax deductions In our society there are certain associations where a portion of our khums has been allowed to go to. As these associations are currently in Australia they are also tax deductible recipients.

If we give khums, is it permitted for us to claim a tax deduction in relation to that khums provided?
216 Sayyids and sadaqa Is it permissible for a "Sayyid" to have Sadaqa for their needs? If it is permissible, then please specify the condition.
253 enquiry about my khums I have recently been employed in a government institution. On the 1st of August I was introduced to the institution for taking a five-month paid educational course and I started to receive a full salary only in January after I passed the course.
My question is that from which date does my khums year start? Is it the date I received my 1st salary? Or that on which I took my 1st educational payment?
254 whats a khums year? What is the meaning of a 'khums year'? And how is it established?
370 duties of khums collectors What is the limit that G.A Sistani have allowed his agents and representatives (wukala) to utilize for their personal use from the religious dues that they collect [from the people]?
500 Hajj finance question Salamu alaykum,

I recently graduated school with $80,000 (U.S) taken out for school loans which I currently am trying to pay back. I have talked to some scholars that say as long as your savings do not exceed your loans, then you are not obligated to pay khums at this time. for instance, if I managed to save $5,000 this year (which I plan to use to insha'Allah go to Hajj), but am still in debt $80,000, then how does that work, is it possible i still have to pay 20% of that $5,000 (~$1000) even though i am in debt much greater? Thank you!
609 Nisab on Salaries How much is the nisab on Salary? It is same as gold that I just need to convert it? Let say my Salary per month is 12,000.00 Philippines currency. So, how much will be my nisab? Should I pay zakatul Maal for it?

Shukran and waiting for your answer.
618 Khums Salam,
Can you please clarify a question regarding the below fatwa?

"One part is Sehme Sadaat, it should be given to a Sayyid who is poor, or orphan, or who has become stranded without money during his journey. "

Does the above mean,
a) "Sayyid who is poor, Sayyid who is an orphan or Sayyid who has become stranded"?
b) "Sayid who is poor, or orphan regardless of being Sayyid, or one who has become stranded regardless of being Sayid"?

If a) who can we give our khums to considering there aren't any poor sayids in Australia compared to non sayid orphans in Afghanistan?
662 consider khums is given or not I have a Islamic sir who takes Islamic classes whom I give money of khums to deposit money to a organization which has permission of taking khums I give him money but I don’t know whether he gives it or not, but I have trust in him, he is pious too I want to ask him to give bill but I fear that he will think I have no trust in him should I consider he has given khums and not think like this as per ayatollah sistani (may god Allah give him long life) what should I do?
691 right or wong way khums niyat I have started a new method I give money of khums but do not do the niyat of a particular commodity only the niyat I am giving khums ,but when I come home I do the niyat of the commodity because I want to give khums first of those things, which I use daily like clothes for namaz etc because I have many goods which are not used for years, can this be method be done according to ayatollah Sistani (may god give him long life)?in my family or mu grandparents gives khums only I am giving that also they are against me.
749 determineing the market value how to determine the market value to give khums?
787 Zakat is waived if I payed Khu I announced myself as Momina of Asna e Ashari in 2011. In Moharram I paid 20% Khums of my savings. ( I do not have gold or silver) I paid my zakat dues in every Remadan all my life from my savings for old age. I discussed this topic with a Momin brother, he said that he gives zakat as well as Khums as Quran teaches about Salat and Zakat. He mentioned that in old age zakat was on 8 item and we exchantd the items for the business. Now is the age of dollars and we should pay zakat on our savings. I am not comfortable since then. I am in Taqleed of Agha Khamani RA. I do not know what is his Fatwa about this topic. Further more, I am single and retired. There is no saving any more.Would you pleae guide me.
960 khums salamalikum my question is about khums is it necessary for khums(shimm sadaat) to be channeled through marja or by local religious scholar or religious organisation or one can himself pay his khums to a Syed who is poor or a Syed who falls in category to receive khums as per Islamic law what are rullings for khums according to Rehbar sayed Ali khamnie and agha sistani please answer in detail?
1059 Khums Salaams,
My husband and I are under the taqleed of Ayatullah Sistani.
We pay khums every eid-e-Zahra.
My husband has taken a loan of $xxxxx amount for his brother's education from a non muslim bank. He has to pay monthly installments + monthly interest.
His brother is still not financially able to repay the money hence my husband has to pay both the installments and interest.

1. Does he have to pay khums on the whole loan amount OR installment and/or interest?

2. Does he have to pay khums on any savings in his bank account as on Eid - e - Zahra?
(he pays rent, health insurance etc monthly)

3. do we have to pay khums on installments/interest if we've taken loan on motorbike and still paying it off?

5. all the salary etc is paid directly into bank account (no cash at home) so is the khums to be paid on
a). remaining savings after our expenses (rent, bills, grocery etc) or
b). on total earnings

if the answer is A, do we speculate forthcoming expenses, subtract that from our savings and then pay khums on the remainder?

6. Can I please have the contact of Ayatullah Sistani's representative in Australia (Canberra or Sydney)

Thank you in advance
1110 Khums currency conversion Assalam-o-Alaikum,

I did my khums calculations on a specific date but could not make khums payment at that time. Several months have passed since then. I am residing in a western country, and there are no khums-taking organizations here. I have to send khums payment to another country, in a different currency. My question is regarding the 'currency exchange rate' to be applied when making payments in a different currency.

The currency exchange rates change very frequently. The exchange rate these days is very different from the rate of the day I did the the khums calculations. So which rate should I be adopting when making the khums payment. The current applicable rate, or the rate of calculations day?

What is ruling of Ayatollah Sistani in this regard?

Thanks & Was-salam
1181 Khums on Deposit Money Assalamualaikum

I have recently heard that khums has to be paid on money received back that was previously paid for a rent deposit (i.e. apartment or other housing rent deposit).
Please provide verification if Khums is obligatory upon receiving back the deposit at the end of rental term.
I am under the Talid of Ayatollah Sistani.

Thank you.
1186 how is khums Salaam un alaikum

I have been trying to know how to calculate khums but I don't know how to do that.
I give you an example and please do let me know and I will find it myself.

salary= 20000

room rent=2000
food in month= 7000

lets suppose I purchased some clothes of Rs 3000

Now let me know how much I should pay the khums of the month.

Thanks and Regards
Fahim Abbas
1249 Future Income Asalaamun Alaikum,

I am under the taqleed of Ayatullah Sistani, may Allah be pleased with him.

I want to confirm if there is Khums applied on my end of service benefits, which will be due once I retire in about 3-4 years time. This income is certain but the amount is not confirmed.

Also, as my understanding of Khums calculation is not very clear, please suggest a book which gives a basic knowledge of it.

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