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'The believers with the most perfect faith are those who are the most good-natured.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Amali al-Tusi, p. 140, no. 227

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147 Muta with Sunni girl If I want to do a temporary marriage with a Sunni girl, but her father does not believe in Mu'tah - do I still need his permission according to Sayed Sistani?
149 fathers objection to marriage If a girl KNOWS that her father will say "no" to temporary marriage, for no good reason, is it still required to ask for his permission?
366 is masturbation allowed when... When I am unable to do Muta’h (temporary marriage), am I allowed to masturbate?
211 Muta and Imam Ali Salam,
Regarding the topic of temporary marriage, our brothers from the Sunni school reject the practice as their 2nd Calipha had banned it.
Why is it that the 4th Calipha (Imam Ali AS) did not re-introduce it, if it is actually deemed as acceptable?
355 having multiple temporay marriages Salam,

If I am temporarily married to a muslim girl, can I temporarily marry a Christian at the same time?
250 how to conduct muta How can one conduct a muta (temporary) marriage?
458 Muta as an occupation Is it haram for a woman to make a living at mutah by marrying a man for a short period, receiving a mahr, then observing iddah and marrying another man for a short period and so on so that she is married to say half a dozen men in the year?

If it is haram what makes it haram if she is observing the rules for mutah properly? And if it is not haram, does she deserve to be condemned as immoral (or do the men who marry her deserve that)?
475 extending a mutah contract What is the process of extending a mutah contract?
481 explaining Mutah Is explaining Muta to a female that I intend to do Muta with, is it ok briefly or does have to include an in depth explanation?
484 please help I did Muta with a woman while I was permanently married to another. I had sexual intercourse with that woman who read the shahdatain in English for the sake of making her permissible for me in Muta. She was not a Muslim before that. She only gave shahada for the sake of marriage while she still had doubts about Islam. Does that make her a Muslim and did I commit adultery? If I did commit adultery, is my permanent Muslim wife halal for me? I have not consummated the marriage with my permanent wife yet and we also do not live together but we did nikah and we do see each other regularly.
531 can we masturbate if... When I am unable to do Mutah (temporary marriage), am I allowed to masturbate?
535 Married men and Muta - wrong? I feel that there is a cultural stigma against a married man engaging in
mutah. People always envision a wife working hard at home to raise the
kids while the husband is out playing with his mutah.

Now, if he is as fair as he can be with regards to time, money, etc., spent
with all of his wives, is there any harm in a married man engaging in mutah
for whatever reason, be it pleasure or otherwise?

Also, is there any harm in him having multiple mutahs, for pleasure or
otherwise, if he is still as fair as he can be with regards to time and
money, etc.? Or, is he wrong to engage in mutah if he is married in some cases?

Also, if a wife is jealous of her husband being involved with these mutahs
which are perhaps for his pleasure but he is trying to be fair in time,
etc., is she sinning in that jealousy?
569 Mutah by female Salam
A man who is away from his wife can contract mutah. What about the wife whose husband is away from her? Does our religion provide avenues to address her needs?

Likewise, a single man can contract temporary marriage; what about the single woman who is not married?
582 forgetting in Muta contract What is the position on a person who is on the process of contracting temporary marriage forgets to mention the period of the time, does the marriage become permanent contract?

How would they separate, by divorce and if by divorce, would they invite two just people to witness? Would observing period i.e. (Idda) be necessary after the divorce?
590 Mutah with married woman I entered into temporary marriage with a Christian lady not knowing that she is separated from her husband and not officially divorced. She could not get divorce because in that country its very expensive court matter which she could not afford.
Is my marriage contract valid given that she is officially not divorced yet?
756 Temporary marriage If a married woman performs temporary marriage (Muta) and hides it from her husband . Please let me know the resources used for the answers.
801 Christian and Jews girls I am Momin and reading Man La Yah Zaral Faqih. In third volume, Hadith 4588 and 4589 are discussing the topic of Muta with Christian and Jews girls.

4588 clearly prohibits it. Whereas 4589 implies that it is Makroh.

Often It is quoted on Halal in recent books whats the source from ancient books.

It just creates a doubt in my mind and that is easier option for me. Finding a momina would be difficult but I can try.
803 Contracting the same marriage Salaam alaykum,

i have tried to submit this question before but i am still waiting on the answers. i'm sending this one more time, just in case my question did not went through previously.

i have contracted a temporary marriage with a muslimah and the contract expires while i am overseas, which i still am. along our relationship, she got pregnant with my child. is it still permissible for us to contract another Muta'/Nikah while she is pregnant, or must i wait until she deliver before we can contract another marriage?

i pray that my question will be answered promptly, insyaallah.

salaam alaykum wr wb...
814 Marriage through technology Salaam,

In this modern world of technology, will it be valid to enter a marriage nikah or muta' through video call like Skype for example.
817 Written Contract Salamu alaykum, is it mandatory to have a written contract in Muta' marriage stating all the black and white informations, or it is just optional which is good to have one? Jazak Allah Khayr...
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