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'The closest thing is death, and the remotest thing is expectation.?

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. no. 2920-2921

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152 spirtual illness enquiry I would like to ask one question related to spiritual illness.

if a person has a mental illness and because it, he can not perform his obligations easily.

is there any special dua for curing this type of illness.

473 under nazar e bad I have one question for which i need an answer.

I have been troubled by something psychologically for years and I believe that it is because of evil eye or (nazar bad, and everyting is going against me.

it is very serious that it has affected my whole life and I really dont enjoy anything and I can not even study peacefully because something inside me scares me psychologically.

many times I thought of comitting suicide because it really make despair.

What would you recommend?

Thank You
516 The eye pendant I have a question about the eye-pendant.
The eye pendant is widely used in countries like afghanistan, iran, pakistan , turkey etc... . It is believed to drive away evil eye.
I personally don't believe in this and everytime I have asked someone why they follow it, they have been unable to answer me with a convincing answer. How could an eye that is made by the hands of a human be then used to drive away black magic or evil eye ?

what do you recommend, use it or don't use it? and anything the Holy Quran says about this.

528 Nazari Bad I would like to one thing regarding (Nazari Bad) as pronounced in farsi.

There are many things happening in my life which I think is caused by Nazari Bad.

whenever I think about it, it really makes me sad and hopeless.

according to islamic thought, Is it true that if you regard something like nazari bad or evil eye important or consider it, then it affects you immensely and if you dont even think about or disregard it, then it won't affect you?

Thank You All
682 Depression Salam
Most of my life ive been afflicted with depression. My parents have mistreated me, i dont have any friends, my career has been haphazard, im not married and i was attacked by jinn on several occassions. I feel suicidal and now im living alone. I try to find solace in the Qur'an and try to remain steadfast in my belief but i just pray that Allah takes me from this world. Will i find light at the end of this dark and lonely tunnel?
Please advise.
736 Sihr Salam alaikum wa rahmatu llahi wa barakatuh,

I would like to know if having tightening in the chest and pain at the back is a sign of sihr. After going to the hospital and nothing was found in the chest through machine operation. I sometimes feel pain in a part and later in another part...things like this.

Secondly, how does one bath with water of which one recited verses of Qur'an on it. Can the patient recite it himself or he has to make someone else do the recitation? Can one use the water in bathroom? And is it normal bath or ghuslu bath?

Jazakumullah khair
748 Ouija board Ive heard many stories about the ouija board, could this possibly be real, I know there are no such things as ghosts but i really want a religious answer, thank you
768 sihr assalamualaikum,
i was married 1&half year husbands parents always harrasing me for money and gold and recently they did sihr on of the aalim told to me nearly i came to death my health severely spoiled by the grace of allah i recited soorats and i removed sihr daily iam reading those..but my husband is not believing this.i came to my parents from last 10 months he is not contacting me.if i contact he is asking divorce to me.sir please tell me what i have to do my parents also asking me to leave him because they did black magic on me but i sincerely loved him..please suggest me something that allah wishes.
839 stolen jewlry aoa
becoz of black magic my nani,s my mother n my gold jewlry has stolen from the closed locks howtotakep them back
961 Black magic Askm. I have noticed a change in my husband's behaviour before my engagement to him - he suddenly became distant and irritant. I asked him and he said he was waiting for our nikah. I said Alhmdlillah. It continued after my nikah and after the birth of my kids I learned that he was having an affair with one of his male friend. So we had big fight but he came back n asked for forgiveness. I forgave him and I'm sure he's changed as he is not missing any swalat. But the problem is that he is still distant with me and never approaches me nor look at me during the day. He spends all the time with his mum and looking after my kids. I feel very neglected and depressed. He is always praising others and give me none of his time. It's been nearly 16 years Ive been waiting for him to come back- 4 years before our wedding and 12 years after.Though he is silent, he always talks little and I really feel the pain that he is not at all present in my life. We went for Hadj last year but he is still same. I have faith in Allah and am seeking help in case there might still be effects of black magic on him.

As i see many things in my dreams.
975 Protection My whole family has suffered black magic for years,i have lost family members to it. I really want to learn to protect my mother and me through prayers of char kul and to reverse negativity sent our way. Please tell me what and how do i learn this..
1255 Eaten sihr Assalam alaikum
I am very badly possessed
I have sihr in my stomach
During ruqya I vomit but nothing comes out
I have tried drinking senna but something in stuck in my intresting and not comes out even after drinking senna
How to remove this eaten sihr ?
Thank you
1285 Problems in Lifee Salam ,

My name Umar Shahzad and my mother name is shaheen firdous
the day i got married i am facing alot of problems finanically and others as well i have a daughter and she is not well as well we are live in the UK we are now facing visa problem,is there a way everything can be sorted

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