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'When Noah's prophethood finished and his time came to an end, Allah Almighty revealed to him: ?O Noah, you have fulfilled your prophethood and your days have come to an end, so put the knowledge you have, the faith, the Great Name, the heritage of knowledge and the legacy of the knowledge of prophethood in the offspring of your progeny...'. Noah informed Sam of the coming of Hud (AS), and there were prophets between Noah and Hud. Noah said, 'Allah will send a prophet by the name of Hud. He will invite his people to Allah and they will refute him. Allah Almighty will destroy them with wind, and so those of you who live to see him must believe in him and follow him, for Allah will save you from the punishment of the wind.'

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
al-Kafi, v. 8, p. 115, no. 92

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688 dates on amal should be done my question is that if according to the islamic calender the dates or days starts from night, then if there is an amal of seeing holy prophets in dreem which has to be done on friday night will have to be done on thursday night or should be followed on the days as per english calender in which the dates or days starts from mornings?
815 Salaams quick pls salam !!!!
i need help very quick pls help!!
what is the email address of the person who comes on ahlul bayt tv on question and answers ???????
pls help now pls ASAP ASAP
allah shall surely reward you tasnu
pls help
903 Rmadan in Norway Assalam-o-Alaikum wa Rehmatullahi

My name is reshma and my brother is travelling and he is in Norway for this month of Ramadan. Please help me with Ramadan timetable for Norway as norwary observes 6 month of days and 6 months of nights.

As searched on web i have seen the Fasts timing start from 1.30 am and ends 10.35 pm.

Please suggets in this case how to keep fasts which are of 20 hrs durations.

Kindly reply me asap as Rmadans are starting from 9 th of July onwards.

Looking Ahead to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,
Reshma Farooki

Allah - Hafiz
995 The fast of Day of Arafah Salam Aleikum

As the day of Arafah and Eid Al Adha will again this year be different to those on Hajj (as they have to follow the saudi way etc) For us shia we are one day behind their calendar with that in mind what is the rules for fasting.

To fast on the Day of Arafah is highly mustahab. What are the merits of fasting on this day?

As our day of arafah is actually the hujjat Eid day of sacrifice, what is the ruling? Do we fast on their day of arafah as I have previously done to create unity or do we actually have to fast on our real day of arafah? MAking our eid day different to the hujjat?
Please clarify.
Jazak Allah Khair for your response and please send response to my email.
Thank you.
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