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'Verily nobody will receive one day of his lifespan except that another day will be taken from him from his end.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Tanbih al-Khawatir, v. 2, p. 218

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972 depression hi, I don't know if your are actually reading this, but if you are please help me. I'm 17 years old, I fast and I pray as much as I can, I try to be a good Muslim, but sometimes I feel completely lost, depressed and I feel suicidal.
974 depression I been trying to get closer to allah but I end up going to the wrong path. . I have so much self hate for my self. I often feel suicidal. I feel like I will end up in hell even if I don't commit suicide.
980 girlfriend Salamun Alaikum

Is it permissible to have a girlfriend?
1)We two (me and my girlfriend) will strongly maintain rules of Islam regarding Opposite sex and will stay away from.doing Haram works(touching,kissing or anyother sexual works) and will never meet each other in any destitute area(an area where there is no people near us).

2)If our Niyat is to know each other and then go on with marriage if we feel each other well.(There is no chance to do Mutah in our country).

3) If she do unislamic works,wear unislamic dresses and so,I want to be his friend and want to develop and rectify  her and try to take her in the way of Ahl ul Bayt to follow(she is a member of ahl sunnah).

Even if,we want to go on a Mutah,before that we have to know each other,attract each other,feel each other,like each other because she is not a sex-slave, that I  will choose her seeing her body and take her to do mutah without knowing her feelings.

I am a unmarried 18 years old boy facing problems in our ultra-secular society and my family will never permit me to marry in so small age(in our country the average marriage age of male is 26).

In this case,how can I solve my accute problems?Can I go on with my friendship with my girl friend?

1195 Scalp Micropigmentation tattoo Aslam O Alekum,

I got a hair transplant 3 years ago and it did turn out so great. I had done my research and asked my beloved Sheikh's for their opinion to go through with it.

However, now when I want to shave my head there is a scar at the back of my head that bothers me if i shave it.
I want to get married and i would like to ask if micro pigmentation is permissible? Just for the scar to make my scalp look normal. I do not want to enhance my looks but rather correct something that's deformed.

Please Advise.
1251 Job opportunity needed I want to volunteer here as a voice actor or dubber
1258 Is stubble beard Is stubble considered to be beard?
1783 prayer I'm convinced but need more explanation
1780 Permission Salam Aleykum, I want to press the book of Ali Shariati which you prepeared only one copy, please inform me, thank you very much.
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