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In the tradition recounting the Prophet (SAWA)'s Ascension to the Heavens (al-mi'raJ): ?O Ahmad... be continuous in My remembrance.' The Prophet (SAWA) asked, ?O My Lord, how can I be continuous in Your remembrance?' He replied, 'Through seclusion from people, despising the sweet and the sour [of the world], and clearing your stomach and your house of the world.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Ibid. v. 77, p. 22, no. 6

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844 dua for getting job wanted to know any dua or surah for getting job?
1061 insurance is forbidding or not ASSALAM O ALAIKUM ,
MY question is that the investment that we invest in a bank or in some insurance company and bank in return gave us a money with a profit after some life period.can it is halal or haraam.plz remove my confusion related to that .
1119 Giving bribes for jaiz work Salamun Alaikum.

Please clarify, as per Aqa Sistani, if one is allowed to give bribes to government officials who do not cooperating in doing our jaiz work in case we do not pay bribes to them.

An example would be a supplier who has to over invoice his bills (if the value of goods is 100, he is raising bills for 120, keeping 100 and giving 20 to the government official) in order to accommodate the bribe to an official in a government department.

Please help at the earliest, since this is urgent.
1193 Giving Sadqa Can a person give sadqa in advance for the whole month if finding a person who can take sadqa daily is a big problem. I am living in Delhi & give sadqa daily but due to hectic schedule cant find a beggar to take sadqa daily as a result of which it gets accumulated for the entire month.
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