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?Many a joke can turn out to be serious.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Tuhaf al-'Uqul, p. 85

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1158 Permissable to write an obitua Assalamulaikum dear Sheikh
My question is on behalf of a friend whose father recently passed away. The family wished to write an obituary about him, but later read something online that this was not permitted. However, the source looks like salafi sunni Islam, so please advise on the Shia perspective. Are eulogies and obituaries permitted? Thank you for your kind help. Wasalam
1175 suicide my elder died many years ago by commiting suicide as she was suffering from depression which occurred after the death of her husband . I still get disturbed by her action. I do Namaze shab and ask for forgiveness on her behalf. What else can I do so that she be forgiven form this sin , and get a place in Jannat
1218 time of death Is the time of death fixed.Is their a concept of natural and unnatural death in Islam .Is even the time of death in case of unnatural death like accident, murder, suicide also fixed
1278 Namaze wahshat Salam
Agar tadfeen ek country mein ho( eg. India) jae aur Hamari country mein abhi din hai eg. USA, toh namaze wahshat kab padhi jae.... Kya USA ke din hi mein ya jab USA mein Raat ho , kyon ki tab tak India Ka Raat khatam ho jaegi
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