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'Be cautious of wasting away your lives in that which will not last for you, for whatever has passed of them never returns.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. no. 2618

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112 is my divorce valid? I have a problem, I was married and after a few years we decided to divorce, but we didn't divorce through the Shar'ia law as it was mutual agreement between us.

Now after many many years I am remarried with someone else conducted through Islamic law, but what's my responsibility with my first wife, keep in mind the ex-wife does not wish to cooperate with me
217 marriage issue - please help I am married to woman that lives by her self and she is completely dependent on her self. We are married for one year but we have still long time for our marriage to end.
However we started to have some problems together and we both believe that we cannot live with each other any more.

I wanted to know, is it possible to end our marriage before the time that we agreed on by me saying that word that she is divorced?
218 civil divorce and islamic ruling A civil divorce, according to the law of a western country, took place. The husband is adamant not to grant his wife a shari'i divorce, does not provide maintenance for her and not accept mediation.

What should the woman do, noting that her patience would certainly wear thin and, eventually, put her in an untenable situation (haraj)?
350 marriage, family issue - please help A sayyada female who got married 5 years back is not living with her husband since last 3 years and her husband is also not providing her any money since last 3 years for her basic expenses. She is also rearing up her one daughter on her own. This female is living with her parents. The parents of this female are not in the favour of taking divorce as this is a matter of insult for them. This female cant go to the court on her own as she is living in Pakistan n conditions of her city doesnt allow her to go to the court without support of her family. What is the status of her marriage now according to the shariah and what solution she can have to overcome such problem? She is willing to have divorce desperately.Jazak Allah.
346 divorce and mahr rights/issue A husband who is divorcing his wife does not want to give her her Mahr and maintenance for the period he drove her out of his house but demands all the gifts including jewelry given to her.Can she withhold the gifts until she gets what is due to her?
527 divorce during sacred month Is it permissible to take khula during days of moharram if girls family is forcing
612 Maintenance after Divirce Salam A' Leikum

Inshallah you and your family are well.

Does the amount of maintenace an ex wife get depend on different factors?

For example if the husband is filing for divorce because the wife is not performing the wife's duties as in having sex, (having sex though not as often as he wants) though him not wanting to find out why she doesn't feel like having sex what is she entitled to?

If the marriage has 3 daughters, 10 years, 6 years and 2 years what are the wife's maintenance allowance? Does he have to pay for the ex wife or just the children?

Does the maintenace change if the wife asks for a divorce on the grounds that she doesn't want to often be with her husband due to not actually feeling like a wife inthe 1st place and having to save and budget on groceries for her children (nothing for herself as there is nothing left) when he has money to buy another exoensive phone, have 3 cars and lives a lifestyle where at the end of the month the money for food has to be paid for by credit card which the wife dispisces? Can she file for divorce on these grounds? What would be the maintenance?

Can the husband threaten a wife that he will marry a second wife?

Sorry for the long question. Inshallah you have time to answer it. Jazak Allah khair for your time.
614 Whisch is the lesser sin? Salam Aleikum

Inshallah you and your family are safe and well living in the highest eeman.

Please help me - what is the lesser of the sin and more pleasing of the 2 for Allah swt..

1. Divorce (leaving 3 daughters living without both parents?

2. Living together in the same house (mother sleeping in one room and father sleeping in another) for the sake of the daughters? Though not having marital relations, and the father paying for the children's welfare and paying for the mother's food , petrol money from the money given as grocery money. As they are livng in the same house in this regard and the father is prepared to pay like this to the daughters are older (though this has been stated only by text msging as wont speak to the wife) does the wife have to wear hijsb?

Which is the lesser sin? To be married but not perform the wifely duties but is full on mother and caretaker of the home or divorce?

Jak for your time in answering this very sensitive issue. I would also very much appreciate your earliest reaponse as this is the situation I find myself in right now and want o be as close to Allah swt as I can through this difficult time. My husband on recommendation from myself will not communicate with me other than text msg and when I suggested going to the court to srt it all out he has refused. So please help me to live halal.
1155 Ending marriage after thulm Asalam ualaikum, I entered into marriage 3 years ago. Through lack of knowledge, we initially recited the mutah words so it would not be wrong to keep company together, but the intention stated at time of this marriage was a life together in marriage (with maulana ceremony once we could arrange it with family present) and therefore no fixed time or expiry was stated, as we did not wish to end the marriage. A mahr of dates was given. Sadly I later found out the husband was a wrong doer, with criminal theft and fraud, and he also did the same to me (denying and stealing my rights). I believe based on our initial agreed contract the marriage is a permanent one? And how would I go about ending it now that I know he has done great oppression and unlikely to change? Jazak Allah Khayr
798 Divorce Dear brother,

As you know the woman can not be marry again till 3 months pass from her divorce , there is a case which the lady went to court for divorce at 9th of October and he received the letter from court which indicate that your divorced finalized at 9th september so now can you please kindly let me that , the 3 month waiting time will start from the time she had a hearing at 9th of October or from the time that is in the court letter which is 9th of September?

Thanks for your kind attention in advance.

818 should I ask for divorce salam,
I have been married for almost 2years n for the past 1year I have been staying with my parents. my husband left me with my parents for the delivery of our first child. he always failed to take care of me when I was with him and only did and said what his elder brother asked him to do. my daughter is 11 months old now but neither my husband nor anyone form his family ever came to see me or my girl.though he can afford the best of the things for himself he says that he does not have sufficent to take care of me n my daughter and will not leave his brother who always had wrong intentions towards me n my husband is well awear of this, but still he says that if I want to be with him I should return on my own to the same house where I received so much pain n suffering both physical and mental. plz advice.
842 Wife not happy Asalomoalykum.

May Allah sprinkle his blessings upon us.

Dear brother my question to qul is that i have a friend of my mine who has been married for almost a year now. In the last couple of months his wife has been very cold towards him.

One night he woke up late at night and noticed his wife was chatting with some other guy in another country.

Since then the wife has not been talking to him and saying tht she is not happy. The brother forgave her for her mistake, and tried to make her happy but she insists. He even called over her mim broter and sister to talk to her but she just repeats she is jot happy as the husband is apparently too strick on the way she dresses.

The husband is getting fed up being the only one trying to resolve the issue even tho the wifes at fault here.

The wife has made up her mind and is after a divorce.

The husband is confused and does not know what decision to make. Firstly If he devorces does the mahr stll apply as it was the wife insisting for divorce?
Secondly- what is the correct procedure in shia terms for divorce since he has tried resolving it with his family but te wife has made her decision.

Sorry for the long question but i need to help this brother out.

I will appreciate your quick reply with an answer.

Ya ali.

951 Converting(reverting) I am considering converting to Islam from Christianity and I am already married for 3 years.
Is it truly necessary for me to divorce my husband if he does not convert ? I am sure he will not and I do not think it is fair to force him.
I will not divorce because it is very harmful and painful to him myself and our parents. How can Allah want this ? Please help I am in a lot of tension.
970 is this right I got married by phone on Hajj day. My husband i realized 2yrs later did not get the marriage registered ( though I am told that it is valid according to Islamic Law). Now my husband stopped contracting me since 35days,it seems that he wants a divorce, due to pressure of his family ( sisters/mother/).His family is doing Black magic. Before marriage he made many promises to me, as I am alone, he kept nothing. What should I do and where do I stand. Pls advice
1098 What is Divorce actually? My question is that in a MASLAK, if a husband says TALAQ, TALAQ, TALAQ (three times at a single time) to his wife, then divorce happened.
According to other MASLAK, it cannot be done like that, Husband and Wife has to wait for at least 90 days for happening of talaq/divorce.
I want to ask, what is correct procedure of TALAQ/DIVORCE in accordance with QURAN?
1121 talaq assalamualaicum, last day i quote several times n mensioned 1,2,3 talaq to my wife out of anger on the heat of the moment.we never wanted to be separate or i didnt mean that. just to hurt or make her afraid i quoted talaq. she is mother of 25 days breast feeding son. i dont want to leave her.what can i do now? pls reply me. im in deep agony.
1169 I Cant send any questions As Salaam o Alaikm,

Please reply to my mail as i cannot send my message, its showing

Can not send Question !

1231 husband homosexuel reformed Salamou alaaykoum

I am a 37 year old man, married for 6 years and father of a 2 years old girl. I have always had an attraction for men, I had informed my wife before our marriage, but I always hamdoullilah managed to fight this through prayer. During a trip for an internship of 6 months abroad, I yielded to this ignominy. My wife who was spying on my phone noticed it. She asks me to divorce, tells me that I became haram 3alayha, and offers to remarry a few months later if she sees that I really changed, so that our child does not grow up separated from his father. For my part, I love my wife and I regret more than anything in the world what happened. I am convinced that my current problem as a couple is a sign of divine chastisement. I am starting a depression. Being still abroad for this internship, I had to reluctantly confess everything to my sister and my mother, who met him to ask him to forgive me. I pray night and day, I will inchaellah fast 2 consecutive months or feed 60 poor, and do not know what to do to save my marriage. Can we do without divorce, knowing that my intention to change is real and definitive?
1261 Impotence and khula I recently got married for the second time with a 32 year old man. He is unable to do the intercourse and out of his frustration he beat me 4 it obligatory for me to live with such person or can i opt for khula?
1273 I want divorce for my wife I had been married about one and half year ago. my wife is drug addicted and very arrogant mannered girl. She put many false cases on me and my old parents. We tried for mutual divorce but she denied.
Currently she is living with me but make my life like hell. I do all the work at home like cooking washing my clothe. heating water etc. and then go to job.
Please tell me the way to rid off her. any enlightenment that she give me divorce. please answer me.
her name is pooja rani
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