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'Do not seek counsel from a liar for verily he is like a mirage he makes that which is far appear near, and he makes that which is near appear far.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 10351

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645 feeding a baby My baby is 5 months old. What are the advices according to islam for feeding n taking care of him? when and how should i start his formal education? Thanks
661 my husband hi i wanted to ask a question
can u help me please,,me and my husband had a love marrige i got married 5 years ago iv got 2 kids , my husband is messing around i think he is going far from me can u please help me or give me a dua , my husband name is mudassar hussain ,D.O.B 22/02/89, my name is salma bibi D.O.B 02/08/89 please help me
732 status of embryo -child ASSALAM WLKM SIR,

830 Living with mother in law Is it not the obligation of my sister in law more than me to keep my mother in law in her house and take care of her mother's needs, my sister in law is married and is earning. I have small kids and its very difficult for me to maintain my privacy in different domestic and social matters.It restraints me in being my self when she is around as she's not my mother.
877 zana my husband was having an affair with christian women and have 1 illegal daughter also from her after our he is not having any contact with her after i know everything he is guilty n i forgive him but sometimes when it comes in my mind i get disturbed n it takes me away from him i dunno how to take this out of my mind pls help me n tell me can i live with him after he has done zana or i should seperate...because i love him alot.please answer me personally on my id.
885 related to marriage ASsalamuwalaikum..
there is a situation now to do a marriage to such a family that doesnt have any trust on them now plz can u give any solution to offer special prayers to stop this mmariage? and i want to settle first in life and thnkng to marry after 2 years and hope allah subhana wathala will help me
886 related to marriage ASsalamuwalaikum..
there is a situation now to do a marriage to such a family that doesnt have any trust on them now plz can u give any solution to offer special prayers to stop this mmariage? and i want to settle first in life and thnkng to marry after 2 years and hope allah subhana wathala will help me
926 Abortion I have a question on abortion and birth control. I have seen many says birth control is not desirable or not allowed in Islam, but some support it, while abortion is not desirable, but why not birth control, Allah(swt) has said in the Quran that wife and husband are allowed to enjoy, but without any measures there is a good chance of pregnancy, so any who wish to enjoy but not have much children has either to stop having sex with wife, I am newly married I was not planning to have children but suddenly she is pregnant(I don’t know how I always performed Inzal ), now next time I decided not to slept with her, I have no home and a very less salary in private companies even I am unable to afford a dress of myself. It is very practical that we can't afford to give good education etc to children. Since the news I am mentally suffering, on how to arrange the money, etc will come and at the same time private BPO job is never guaranteed, so is it desirable not to give proper care to children who was born out of pleasure means the intention was not to have child.

As per search it shows Abortion is permitted before 120 days. My wife pregnancy may be maximum 20 days. I also found out on net that even Muhammad (PBUH) wife practiced birth control; some say Condom is allowed some says not. But i cannot figured out if there is no birth control like Condom or Coitus (Inzal ) interruptus then a pair will not be available to enjoy sex as ALLAH has given to men, because every time we have sex there will be child and it sure that he will be giving child almost every year and it will be burden to anyone except a king who can afford it. Or the next solution is to stop having sex completely and I think it is not possible. And also Allah has mention that Allah(swt) do not want religion to be burden on us. So why not birth control some argue that abortion is not allowed even in just before 40 days they argue that since the sperm is going to developed to a human being it is not allowed, however then using birth control also is not be followed because it is going to fertilized the egg and going to developed so all these confusion.
“O mankind! If you are in doubt about the Resurrection, then verily, We have created you (i.e. Adam) from dust, then from a Nutfah (mixed drops of male and female sexual discharge, i.e. the offspring of Adam), then from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood) then from a little lump of flesh — some formed and some unformed (as in the case of miscarriage) — that We may make (it) clear to you (i.e. to show you Our Power and Ability to do what We will)”
[al-hajj 22:5
Please guide on us on abortion, have sex with wife on 28-30 of July when she was in menstruation, and we have a test with a home pregnancy test kit after a week and it shows negative

I have SEX in second or third week of August, and her menstruation should have start by 27/28 August and it was missing so I test it on 02/Sep and the results shows positive, I have no plan for children, and at the same time it is runaway marriage, and we are not accepted by Parents, though her parents is OK, I working a BPO and hardly has enough money to buy clothes and it is very less, I thought of abortion, but I am afraid ISLAM permits it. Please guide.
Please reply soon as if it is possible I would like to get aborted.
947 Islamic Law on Property Assalam Alaikum,

Iam the second wife of my husband, I want to know the percentage share or my rights on my husband inherited property.

And what percentage do i have the right on my husband purchased property ?
956 Parents As salaam o alaikum! What are the obligations and duties of a daughter in law towards mother in law and vice versa. Please state any narrations or stories from history about this relationship especially regarding the situation when both are living in the same house . Thanks!
957 Gheebet My huband is always saying bad words to his mom and brothers about me after we fight with eachother.Its call gheebet. I hate him bcoz why he disscusing our personal matter with his family . So what do u suggest what should i do ?????
963 Heredity of a converter Assalam o Alaikum,
I was converted to Shia Islam. My question is that if my children be eligible for my heredity of my wealth (Wirasat) according to Shia Fiqu.sunnies.
1109 friendship my question is can a muslim woman do friendship with non muslim man just to discuss our religion i.e if our intensions are not bad can we do friendship with our coworkers
1146 family problems Asalamunlaikum,

our family is going through difficult time, as it started with my mom since last one year she is not able to walk and we consulted all doctors but there has been no cure,secondly my bro in law ws well settled in dubai, lost his job and till nw he has not got the job he is in india now and last my own brother lost his job suddenly , we are in all kinds of problems,
as this past one whole year we are facing financial problems, job issue health kinldy help us in this regard

my father name - mir javad ali
my mother name - dilruba begum
1148 Husband puts me down Salaam walaikum, I have been married for 14 years and have 3 children. My husband has been putting me down about my wieight, my skin colour, my teeth, lips and everything he can so I feel depressed about myself. He is the one man in this world that affects me with all these harsh words however he is aware of it too but it does not stop him. Lately I have found myself looking at other men, some compliment me and I feel a bit more alive. I know I'm married and I shouldn't think like this but my husband dosent come near me, he dosent like the sight of me at times and I just feel like I'm craving attention and love but my mind is taking me the wrong way. I have asked for him to leave me but he won't. Can someone please help me.
1162 Dua / Solution require Assalamualaikum,
My Brother in law has asked my sister and her kids not to speak to her parents and family members, due to misunderstanding and his regular habit of expecting financial help from parents. here my family and parents are sad and their health is spoiling everyday. ghar mein sukoon nai hai, hamesha dukh ka environment hai. please help aur advise with a dua or a solution to reunite my sister and her kids with her parents (grand kids with grand parents)... please helppppppppppppp
1180 Cutting family relationship Assalamualaikum,

I would like to cut relationship with my family. That includes mother and four sisters.

All my life, I have worked for them. I bring two sisters to Australia for study, I paid their tuition fees, I provide finance to do hajj, I organised both socially and financially to get my three sisters married, I am providing monthly expense to my mum for last 13 years. I am even building a house back in my home country for my mother.

The reason for me telling those is after all those years of effort; I am still outside my family relationship. My mum always thinks of my sister and their kids. I have my wife and child. She does not care about them.

While I went to my home country and organised my youngest sister marriage in May this year, I had some argument with my family. Nothing major. And I did not get into direct argument with them. But all of them stopped talking to me since then.

I am so depressed and sad now. I got very good observation skill and I realised by years of observation, activity and response, I am the least important person in my family. They don’t share anything with me. They only contact me whenever something is required.

I have done some research on Muslims cutting relationship with family. And all those research shows not to do that. But I am in lowest point of my life thinking about this all the time about how they treating me. I have even spoken to all my family members about what issues they have and discuss in lengths so many times to resolve any dispute. After years of doing these, my family attitude remains the same. My mum actions speaks that I am living good life and all her daughters struggling in life.

Please help me.
1201 Family planning Assalamualaekum, just wanted to know if the husband is very lazy and wastes nlot of time never keeps his word and does not want to work . Keeps delaying every thing and looks after his health too. So the wife who already has 2 children can she go for family planning,cause the expenses of two children are not being fulfilled.
1241 watching serials asalamu alikum

i am married to a not-so-islamic husband
i am trying my best to keep him on deen.
and do what i can
one issue that i am not able to overcome is in his free time he watches english serials like game of thrones , rome , etc etc (all these famous rubbish)
i dont tell him anything but for me its just a time wastage, addictive , and it increases carnal desires in oneself and its all about objectifying women. it has become a habit, one series finishes and another starts.
how do i address this to him without him thinking that i am dictating.

also please dont post my question in your latest ansers as i have introduced him o this site , he can see it here
1283 Question My name is Hamid Kasiri and I’m a old friend of Dr Alidina. Would you please give me any contact address of Dr Alidina?
Best Salam
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