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A group of people from Isfahan among whom were Abu al-'Abbas Ahmad b. al-Nar and Imam 'Ali b. Muhammad al-Hadi (AS) Abu Ja'far Muhammad b. 'Alawiyya, narrated, 'There was a man named 'Abd al-Rahman in Isfahan who was a shi'a. He was asked, 'Why have you accepted the Imama of 'Ali al-Naqi instead of anyone else from among the people of the time?' So he replied, 'I witnessed that which obligated me to believing such. I was a poor man but outspoken and daring. So the people of Isfahan exiled me and a few others. We came to Mutawakkil to ask for justice. We were at Mutawakkil's gate when the command came to bring 'Ali b. Muhammad b. al-Rida. I asked those present there who this man was that had been commanded to be brought there. Someone replied, 'He is an 'Alawi whom the Rafida believe to be their Imam.' He then said, Mutawakkil may have summoned him in order to kill him.' I said, 'I will not move from here until I see who this person is .' [He continued]: 'He came riding on a horse and verily people were standing in a line on the right and left of his path watching him. When I saw him, I stopped and looked at him. Love for him filled my heart. I prayed for him in my heart for Allah to repel from him the evil of Mutawakkil. He moved through the crowd, his sight fixed on the reins of his horse, not looking around. And I was constantly supplicating for him. When he reached me, he turned his face towards me and said, may Allah accept your supplication, lengthen your life, and increase your wealth and your children.' After that, we returned to Isfahan. Allah opened phases of wealth upon me, so much so that I have to lock away in my house more than a million dirhams and this is apart from the wealth that is outside my house. I have been blessed with ten sons and I have reached an age in excess of seventy years. This is the reason for my faith in the Imama of this man who knew what was in my heart and Allah granted his prayers for me.'

Imam Ali ibn Muhammad al-Hadi [as]
Kashf al-Ghamma, v. 3, p. 179

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908 Breastfeeding Salam
a woman does not fast because she is afraid her milk will dry up. How does she make up for these fasts when she is constantly breastfeeding from one year to another and giving birth to babies from year to year?

For example, if she gives birth every year for 6 years, will she have to make up for the 8 months of fasting?
950 Illness Salam,
I was in an accident a few years ago. The result is that during Ramadan, I get a severe headache limiting my ability to work or function normally. I therefore, do not keep fast in Ramadan and instead take out kufara.....this makes me very sad, uncomfortable and ashamed of myself. I feel that I am missing out on all the bounties that Allah showers on the people who do keep fast. Do I have any options? What are my obligations?
971 starting date of Ramadan I live in Sacramento, California. I just wanted to ask on what date Ramadan will start? Please answer me as soon as possible.
1124 last 10 night of Ramadan As-salamu Alikum,
What the best worship to do in last 10 night of Ramadan?
In Masjaid after Trawih the do again congregation Salah 8 Rakaht (Call Night Salah).
Best to join them in salah or best to do individual worship or salaah?
Jazakum Allahu Khyrun
1174 fasting for diabetics Do diabetics have to fast or r they exempted ?
1199 Fast on every month 13-14-15 Asslamoalykum,

I would like to know the importance of observing fast on every month of 13, 14 and 15th cresent. Whether one can observe only one month of 13, 14 and 15th fast to get the reward and do not observe rest of 11 month or one has to keep all 12 months of 13, 14 and 15 fast to get reward.

May Allah grant to your entire team highest place in Jannah. Ameen Summa Ameen.

M G Sheikh
1213 fitra the fitra that we give at the end of ramzan is it given on the savings we made during fasting or the whole year?
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