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When the Pharaoh realised that Moses would be the cause of the downfall of his kingdom, he called the divinators and they told him of Moses's lineage and that he was from the Children of Israel. Pharaoh continued to order his men to cut open the stomachs of all the pregnant women from the Children of Israel until he killed in his search more than twenty thousand children, but he was not able to kill Moses because Allah the Almighty protected him.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 13 p. 47, no. 15

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# Subject Question Status
141 Halal cheese? Hi,
How is there Halal cheese, what does it mean by this?
168 halal and haram fish Salam,
What's the ruling behind halal and haram fish?
What type of fish can we eat?
364 foods with gelatin, Sistani What is the ruling according Grand Ayatollah Seyyid Sistani on having foods that contain gelatin?
179 Is rabbit meat Halal? Is rabbit meat Halal?
359 blood in an egg, halal? If blood is seen in the yolk or the white part of the egg, does it make the egg impure and haram for us? Is there a solution for it?
223 gelatin foods What is your ruling on having foods that contain gelatin?
259 drinking coca cola What is your opinion of drinking coca cola?
269 eating from non-Muslim stores What is your opinion on Muslims eating in non-Muslim or even Muslim owned and operated restaurants which serve halal food however also serve alcoholic drinks? If the alcohol is not being consumed at our table, does this change the ruling?
327 alcohol free beer Is it permissible to drink beer that says "alcohol free" on it?
442 Islamic chefs with non-Halal meat Is it permissible for a Muslim to cook that which was not slaughtered in the Islamic manner, knowing that he has no connection to selling or serving it?

What is the ruling with respect to serving food that is ritually impure [not slaughtered in the Islamic manner] or conveying it to non-Muslims?
Is there a difference in this between pork and other things?
444 imported meat Is it permissible to eat, buy and sell imported chickens from Muslim countries on which is written the phrase Slaughtered in the Islamic Manner?
504 taking drugs in Muslim Are you allowed to take drugs other than alcohol?
530 fertilized fruits and veges Is there a problem eating vegetables grown without chemical fertilizer (Biological label).
It means that generally the chemicals are replaced by a dryed blood coumpound which is used as a fertilizer. The powdered blood is sprinkled on the floor some month before the crop and is made of animal blood (of course not slaughtered islamically and of course may contain pig blood also). Please can you give me the rulings about this matter ?

I am a follower of Seyyed Sistani (may he live long).
567 eating food of Khoha Ismaili Salaam Alayqum,

Being a shia ithnaesher are we allowed to eat food which is cooked or served by a khoja ismaili, as we having lots of doubts and topics on this issue.
Please help us so to avoid the misunderstandings

Mohtaje dua
574 vegetarianism and vegans What is the Islamic view regarding vegetarianism and vegans? In today’s world where the production of animal products causes climate change, makes for a less sustainable future and increases pain and suffering in the world, wouldn’t Allah want us to be vegetarians until we can find a more sustainable way to produce animal products, such as meat, which doesn’t cause environmental damage and unneccessary suffering?
700 Smoking Salamun AlIKUM,

I am from Bangladesh. May you please give me a shorter brief about smoking that "SMOKING IS HARAM"? If it is not then why?

Was Salam
Rashed Hossain
631 eating lobster Is it halal to eat a lobster?
932 Is it halal to eat a Prawns? Is it halal to eat a Prawns?
747 Muslims as guests if people are not Muslims, what exactly is required of them, if they wish to entertain Muslims to a meal, over and above the food being halal. (I.e., should it be prepared and served on cooking utensils plates that are used only for Muslims; are there problems about their handling food?)
820 During Taqqiya I am converted Muslim and my parents are not Muslim. I am living with them together. I have been doing Taqqiya and I have been avoiding eating meat. Before I became Muslim I tried being vegetarian, so it helped me. But my father got to know I am keeping my religion and got angry so much. Finally he told me that I should think about death if I keep my religion.
I decided to take Taqqiyah again.
If I confront some situation that I should eat Haram food, how can I do? How is the rule upon these?
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