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You should adorn yourself for your fellow Muslim brother when you go to visit him just as you adorn yourself for a stranger for whom you want to make a good first impression.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. p. 298, no. 3

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146 Imam Mahdi in Hajj It is narrated that that the 12th imam is present in every haj, especially at Arafat. I believe this but want to confirm if can people meet him with or without recognizing him?
237 duties in hajj What is the duty of a Hajj pilgrim in the present circumstance in which the old distance between Safa and Marwah is closed and reconstructed whereas an alternate route has been opened for pilgrims to perform their Umrah? Is the Umra valid?
(being in the state of Ihram).
238 rules in Hajj Would prevention by law, of slaughtering at Mina be sufficient to realise the inability to carry out slaughtering there, especially, if there was reason to believe that a financial or physical harm could ensue, should the law be broken?
266 marriage vs hajj - which one? A single young man has become capable to perform hajj; he is also thinking about marriage. Now if he goes for hajj, his marriage ceremony will be delayed for a while. Which of the two is preferable [marriage or pilgrimage]?
267 when can i go to Hajj? I would appreciate, if you kindly tell me the necessary conditions by which a person becomes Mustatei' (capable). I am asking this question because I really want to know whether or not I am qualified for Hajj.
420 Forbidden acts of Ihram Salam Sheikh,
I just returned back from the glorious journey of Hajj, and wish to know hat are the forbidden acts during Ihram?
428 Hajj vs committments What if I am able to perform hajj this year while I am a student at the University or high school and it happens that the time of travelling for hajj conflicts with my final exams such that the trip for hajj would lead to my failure and loss of a school year, which causes me extreme material and emotional difficulty.
518 our Hajj obligation Al Salamu Alaykom,

Many of us yearn to go to Hajj to complete our duty, and to also have a fresh start through having our sins removed by Allah, however sometimes it becomes difficult (I understand its not an excuse, but sometimes visa issues, health problems, or financial burdens come in the way), and unfortunately some people leave this world without going to hajj, and therefore their family members or friends go on behalf of them. Also a lot of elders and scholars say no matter what conflicts or barriers one may think they have, if Allah has invited them to His home, then they will end up going. Some people try every year and cannot go, and some people try once and mashAllah they end up going on the pilgrimage.

So my question is, if someone passes away without going to hajj, and someone goes on behalf of them after, what happens to that persons sins? Are they removed, or is it just that the duty has been completed? What if this person always had the intention on going but was not able to, and then someone goes on behalf of them? What happens to the sins in that case? It makes me ponder a lot because sometimes actually being able to go to hajj could be seen as a qisma, and at the same time our life span has been written for us, so could it be interpreted that some individuals do not have the qisma of going to hajj themselves, instead the duty is completed by someone going on behalf of them? And if that is the case, then would it be that person's qisma that their sins are not removed through the hajj pilgrimage?

InshAllah my curiosity for this topic does not portray me as questioning Allah's qisma for us or Allah's acceptance of our hajj, on the contrary InshAllah Allah knows my intention is purely for learning purposes. Also I apologize if this question is a bit long and confusing. I highly appreciate any input you may have.

Jazakum Allah Kheir & Thank you for your time.

Sister in Islam
534 Sunglasses during Ihram In the state of ehraam, the use of sunglasses for adornment purposes is forbidden.
What is the ruling for a woman whose normal power glasses that she wears for eyesight correction are photo-chromatic, that is they turn dark in the sun automatically. Is she allowed to use these glasses?
656 Hajj Asalamalaikum to all,

I am interested in Hajj this year.If Allah permits me and inshallah if I have chance I would surely perform Hajj.
I have question regarding what to do before I read Mecca,Madina.
Many people say you need to seek forgiveness from all your Family members and Friends.
I am married So Should I also ask my mother in law and father in law.I dont know from the first day of marriage and after my marriage they really dont like me I dont know why.Can you please tell me and guide me what should be done before Hajj according to Sunnah and according to Quran

Jazak Allah Khairan
676 reaching muzdalfah aft sunrise salamelykum.i performed haj wd my old parents&after waqoof in arafat frm zohar to maghrib we took a bus for muzdalfah.but the bus stoppd aft a short journey bc the buses ahead of it weren,t moving.afterthat slowly slowly buses started to move but continously stopping in we reachd muzdalfa after sunrise.we did niyat of stayingin muzdalfa & other dua while sitting in the bus &moved directly to mina.what is ur eminent opinion for us to do for this stay in muzdalfah and is our haj right or wrong.
933 reciting talbiyyah S/a
Sir pl let me know
When to stop reciting talbiyyah during
Haj e tammato after wearing ahram on
8th zil haj

WAs salam

Moin sheikh
767 Entering Ihram I live in Al-Khobar Saudi arabia in eastern province and i intend to go & meet my friend in jeddah first and then from jeddah we have planned to perform Umrah together. I need to know where i may become Muhrim? whether at my friend's house? if not then which Miqat?
841 Miqat from people comming from Asalam O Alikum

I am residing in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia and willing to go on Umrah. I will travel to Jeddah by air and want to know that if i can wear Ihram from Al Jubail (the place of my departure) and Jeddah (the place of my destination). After landing in Jeddah can i travel directly to Makkah and perform Umrah. Otherwise I will arrive in Jeddah and travel to Al Meeqat e Juhfa, Rabigh. Which of the two will be correct as per the concepts.
1060 Urgent please reply early Aoa my question is we are travelling from Romania to jeddah to perform ummrah with family from where my husband can put ihram while travelling or some other place???
Kindly reply by tomorrow we are leaving for ummrah on Thursday morning inshaaAllah.
1125 meeqat اسلام عليكم

i am going for hajj from dammam

where will be my meeqat

if i go by flight to taif

where i can go for ihram
1133 Taneem Is performing of Umra from Taneem allowed. Kindly give reference of any Hadith?
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