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'A servant will not have faith until he loves for others the good that he loves for himself.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Ibid. no. 95

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157 life in Heaven Jannah If in heaven you are granted anything you desire, if you wished it could you spend time with someone - that may not be in heaven?

Or would your belief and love for Allah s.w.a be at such a point that you forget all other wants? Do we then essentially become new people in heaven?

Hopefully that makes sense :)
174 levels of paradise As-salaam mulaikum. Although it is logical to believe that there will be different levels in paradise but can you still give me some evidence from the book of Allah or the narration.
310 resurrection in metaphysical form? Do we believe that the resurrection of human beings in the Here-after world will be metaphysical in nature?
551 levels of Heaven Assalaam o Alaikum

I just want to ask about the different levels of Heaven. Is it right that there are 7? Does that mean that the 1st one is for people who weren't as good as those is the highest level? Does that mean those in the lowest level will have less rewards of Heaven and that they can't meet others who are in other levels? Like your family or friends? I hope this makes sense. Thank you.
911 obedience What are the rewards that result from obedience in the Hereafter?
1065 Other life forms? Are there other human beings on other planets which encompass a different dimension in time and space?
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