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that when the verse: O you wrapped up in your mantle, stand vigil through the night, except a little descended onto the Prophet (SAWA), he used to stay up all night until his feet would swell up, so he would pick one foot up, and put the other down, and Gabriel came down to him saying: Taha, meaning 'the earthis for your feet, O Muhammad', We did not send down to you the Qur'an that you should be miserable , and He revealed: So recite as much of the Qur'an as is feasible.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Tafsir al-Mizan, v. 14, no. 126

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863 girl name salamoaleykom

Can i give the name Lina to my daughter? is this name allowed in the islam?
thank you
1142 Mixing سلام عليكم
اني طالبة طبية بالمرحلة السادسه اخر سنة
مثل متعرفون الكلية مختلطه واني لحد الان ما اسلم عل الولد ( عدم السّلام يتعارض مع اخلاق المسلم ؟ )
لانه مرات تصير وخصوصا بالايام الاخيره كلام في شان الدراسة لمده اقل من دقيقة واحدة ومع هذا اني من امر عليهم بالطريق ما اسلم
- بس اريد اعرف هل هذا التصرف يعد تطرف وغير صحيح من ما اسلم عل الولد لو صحيح
- وما حكم السلام اذا اسلم
- وشنو الأفضل
1163 Social Politic Question Salamun alaykum, I'm Galih Panuntun from Jakarta,Indonesia. I'm muqalideen of Rahbar.

Your Eminence Can you inform us about Is it allowed to vote Non Muslim Governor in Our Capital City Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesia is muslim majority but not using Islamic Laws, we are Semi Secular Country. Only using Islamic Laws in private family and marriage area. We have many political party. One of those Parties has Anti Shia policy and got donation from Saudi. Can you give us wisdom on this Governor Election. Currently we're ruled by Christian Chinese Governor but fair enough and respecting Shia Muslim Community Right. For upcoming Election, Should we vote for another New Muslim Candidate who have good programs and supporting Shia Muslim and alll religious and sect tolerance and against Supporting Shia Persecution or continue supporting Current Just and High Level of tolerance to SHIA muslim community to prevent new Governor who is supported by Takfiri Party? Warm regards, Galih Panuntun (Please answer this question in English, I dont understand arabic)
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