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'Woe unto the woman who angers her husband, and blessed is the woman whose husband is pleased with her.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 103, p. 246, no. 24

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# Subject Question Status
425 sucking husbands penis, allowed? is it haram for a wife to suck her husband penis during fore play
430 sexual fantasy In regards to sexual fantasy, if I am thinking intentionally about women other than one's wife with an image in mind of having sexual intercourse, if the penis becomes erect without discharge of semen.
434 sexual relationship withou Sharia Is it permissible to have a sexual relationship without a Shari contract with women who are unbelievers from People of the Book, or without a religion, knowing that the government and state of their country are in a state of war with the Muslims, either directly or indirectly?
485 sex restrictions Is it allowed to have any kind of sex with your wife? And what are the restrictions for sex with wife?
507 entering state of junub question 1. Does a woman or man enter the state of Janabah, if her husband only penetrates her with no orgasm from either?
2. Does a woman enter the state of Janabah, if her husband reaches orgasm through penetration but uses a condom and she does not reach orgasm?
524 make up for sin? If one masturbates for some time and didn't that he has to perform ghusl because of the release of sperms, does he have to repeat all the fasting days and make up his prayers that he did without the ghusl?
543 viewing photos Can I see pictures of naked ladies without any intention of lust?
560 items to touch during Junub salam
brother, can you please list the things that we are not allowed to touch if we are in a state of Jenabat, meaning we haven't done ghusl jenabat yet. i know you can't touch the quran or recite verses, but can you touch food and eat it or do you have to do ghusl first and then touch the food?

thank you
587 Is oral sex permissible Is oral sex that wife and husband can perform on each other permissible?
589 obligatory to have sex with wife? Is it obligatory on the husband to have sex with his wife?
613 Halal Methods Salam Aleikum

Inshallah you and your family are well and safe.

My marriage is not what I had hoped for and neither of us are "garments for each other" as prescribed by the Holy Quran. In this view with a dread to fulfill my husbands rights what are the halal ways that one can "get into the mood" to perform sex?

Jazal Allah khair for your time in answering.
650 masturbation If a women touches her breasts for sexual pleasure is that regarded as masturbation?(masturbation is defined as touching genitals) and will she need to do ghusl after this? What is the ruling on it?
657 salam salam is it haram to have friend boy? is it haram when you hsve boyfriend but clean heart :)
668 Ghusul Sallam,

My question is in regards ghusul for the state of junoob. will the ghusul be acceptable if the hair isn't washed,ie do the ghusul but have a shower cap on? Is it obligatory for a female to wash her hair during the ghusul.

Wasallsam and thank you in advance.
675 husband does sex chat secretly I am married for 2 years now alhamdulillah and i am pregnant. I recently discovered my husband has been having

Sex Chats with another woman for past 6 years uptil now. Even when i was around him or lying in bed beside him, he was chating with this girl secretly and pretending as office work.

When he found out, he deeply regretted and cried and promised would not do it again. And I believe him.

During these 2 years of marriage, he has been very kind to me and others, praying 5 times, loving and very caring.

We had a love marriage, we used to work in the same office, and his character(moral values and islamic) is

what inspired me to accept his friendship n then proposal. before our marriage we never ever talked about any
sex related stuff or went out alone and immediately got married after accepting that we are right for each other.

I am just telling u this fact to know that discovering his sex chat with another girl who has been his friend
for 6 years whom he met her on random chat(and lied to me as ex colleague) was the last thing on
this earth I cud have expected from him.

He has been against women working in office, and asked me to quit job and take scarf.which is ok. but on the other hand
he enjoys watching english movies and watch regularly n stuff like that.

My question is
1.How do i Forgive him because im so deeply hurt and pregnant and knowing his hypocrate nature of pretending a
good muslim while satisfying himself with some other woman on chatting? He isnt very good looking but character was
the first thing i chose to marry him.

2. I do know that i have to forgive him since he is regretting over his mistake and i still love him, hence i told him that I have forgiven you but those sex chats are still in my head n when i recall i get soo much hurt and start behaving rude to him. What do i do?
743 vibrators Salam
Is it haram for a woman to use a vibrator that penetrates her sexual organ during intimacy with her husband?
744 oral sex Salam
1. Can a woman perform oral sex on her husband during her menses

2. Can her husband stimulate her during her menses either by using a sex toy or other means (but without penetrating her private organ) for her to achieve orgasm?

thank you
824 looking for someone in edda mu Salam.
Is it permissable if a woman in edda muta, join website for marriage, looking for friendship or relationship.

773 Pornography Salam aleikum dear brother

If one discovers that their spouse is regularly watching pornography and sexually explicit images of knaked ladies, is this a form of adultery? AS this is what counts as a breach of marital trust?

Does it depend if the spouse is watching for lust or otherwise? if it does not lead to mastubation or other haram is it then considered not adultery?

nabi Isa as has said " anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has committed adultery in his heart". Is this saying authentic? Do we have any Hadith from our Prophet sawas?

If now on finding this material , I go and try and look into my spouse laptop to check is this a form of suspiscion, spying? But doing with the intention that any material found is evidence and it may hurt my family marriage so doing it with this intention for protection , preparation ,
if spouse is not lying and then leading to further haram? Is this okay?

If it is a regular habit is it an addiction? What actions are recommended for this?

Jak for your time.
779 Anal sex in marriage Assalamu alaikum
I have been married for 15 years . My husband always wanted anal sex since we got married. He used to trick me by many ways to get what he wants. We had many fights about this issue.He promised many times that he wont do it again.But he never stopped.I feel very bad about this.I told him many times that if he do it again i will leave him , but he still continued in this act.Last time i warned him if he just try it again it will be his last day with me .My words didn't stop him ,he did it again.My question is ,please advise me on what to do ??,I feel it will never stop.
Thank you
Salam alaikum
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