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'He who is stubborn and persistent is the degenerate one whose heart Allah has prevailed over with rust, and the axis of evil hangs over his head.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Balagha, Letter 58

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684 maher and dowry what's the difference between maher and dowry? and with maher when is the best time to be paid to the bride? in my culture the condition of maher to be paid is encase of a divorce ...if the couple don't divorce it doesn't have to be paid. is that right of wrong?
713 Shia Spouse Assalaam alaikum wa rahmat allah wa barakatuh

I saw that one of your partners is Shia Spouse website

Do you think that website is legal in the Islam? Why and which marja is saying that?

How would you ensure that our Muslim girls are not going to be used under this website for a lust of anyone?

Even you and all the people in the world, they cannot guarantee that is not going to happen. As you know, many guys and girls which are not tied to the religion are going to use this website for their own lust. That corruption in the Shia social will open the door for the greatest sin.
705 marrage salam.

i have a question regarding marriage.

thing is that is there such thing as being half halal and full halal?

half halal from my knowledge is reciting the aqd of nikkah and signing a paper makes relationship halal (like for example going out holding hands and talking and allowed to see her with out her scraf) i think also referrers to as sigha by some people. where your not allowed to have sexual relationship until full nikkha. please ex-plane to me more in detail with references thanks

or sigha of nikkah different?

and full halal is when you do the full nikkah with dowary and feast and your husband and wife.
721 marriage can a hindu girl marry a muslim boy without changing her faith.and will they be commiting adultery if she doesnt convert?
740 Nikkah Reciter Salamun Alaikum,

If anyone following everything like Shi'a Shariah or Shia AQIDAH like Namaz, Fasting, Hajj, Muharram, Azadari everything he is doing all thing Shi'a believe, you can say he is Shia Athnasari but he's family is not following Shi'a Shariah or Shi'a Believe. And his family also are not following Shi'a rules or Shi'a Shariah. But his parents and others relative know he is his following Shia Shariah In that case, in his marriage he arranged Sunni/Wahabi/etc Alem-E-Deen for his marriage reciter (Who is not follower of Shi'a Shariah) Is his marriage is valid????

If not valid may you can tell me now what he have to do now. If possible please send this answer as early as possible.

Was Salam
Rashed Hossain Najafi
738 Are we still married? Salamun Alaiykum
Please will you advise me on the following. My Husband and I argued quite badly when he said to me I divorce you ever since it has left me worried as we are still together, I keep thinking now we are divorced what are the laws of divorce in Islam I am a shia Muslim my marja is Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei (HA)

821 The Holy Quran given as Dowry Assalamu Alaikum.
Is the Holy Quran given to the bride as Dowry permissible in Islam??
822 The Holy Quran given as Mahar Assalamu Alaikum.The Holy Quran given as Dowry to Bride
Is the Holy Quran given to the bride as Mahar permissible in Islam?? Please we are in confusion here in my town due to the married ceremony that was done with the complete Quran copy as Mahar .and so i need more reference from the Hadiths to explain my community here in Cameroon . As we all know that the prophet has accepted Maharr as an iron ring and also for one of his companion to teach his wife what he knows of the Quran as Mahar and so for now that is all the reference we have and so we seek for more reference from the hediths and again if is only special to the Prophet SAW only .
770 Shia-Sunni marriage As-Salamuu Aleykum!

A married Muslim couple are writing you to ask a question.

We entered into marriage, and our religious contract was made by a Shia akhund (imam) without any witnesses present. He claimed that no witnesses were needed as it wasn't the first marriage for us (we both were divorced individuals), and afterwards we just needed to declare everyone that we got married. I was Shia at the time of the marriage, while the lady whom I married was (still is) Sunni.

Later on I decided to become Sunni, and am now Sunni.

The question is: is the above-mentioned marriage lawful according to Sharia? If not, what steps should we take?

We will appreciate your prompt response.
791 Marriage with a christian Asak,

I'm a muslim man, 25 years old. I like a Christian girl and would like to get married to her. She is ready to accept Islam (if she has to) and lead life as a wife the Islamic way (Hijaab.. etc).

I understand that Surah Ma'idah allows a muslim man to marry a chaste christian. But I have a list of questions I would like to get clarified:

1) Is it necessary/better if she accepts Islam before marriage?

2) Is it necessary for all her family members to accept Islam before marriage?

3) Since any relationship before marriage is haraam, is it best to get married soon and repent for the sins together OR end this relationship altogether? Would I be committing a sin if I dont marry her because I dont know if she will accept Islam then.

4) What are the pre requisites for this marriage to be valid? Who can be a wali for her (since there is no Muslim man in her family).

5) What if my parents/relatives do not approve of this marriage (solely based on the fact that she is a christian and the society will talk ill of us)? They do not know yet but I wish to make them aware of this as soon as possible. What is the right thing to do? What rights do parents/relatives have over my decision of marrying someone? (Although I cannot think of going against my parents will. May Allah guide us the right way).

6) What are the things the girl should be made aware of before marriage? ( Like example, telling her that the children will follow Islam ONLY and will not participate/learn/follow any other religion).

7) Is her family welcome to our home after marriage? Are they considered and respected the same way as a mother/sister-in-law (had this been a marriage with a Muslim woman)?

Your answers will be appreciated. Thank you.

May Allah bless us and guide us to the right path.
967 inter religious marriage Salam, Im a boy converted from hindhiusm to islam, due to the blessedness of islam.My question is whether I can marry a muslim girl. If so what are the procedures to marry a girl from islam.
880 can i marry with chirstain ? sallam . can i marry with chirstain girl and she is older then me . and she convert shia muslim after marry . so kind of method i need to adopt plz reply me as soon as possible !
889 Advice Salaam,

I hope this message is reaches you in the best of health and iman.

I'm emailing you in hopes of receiving some advice about marriage.

Being the oldest in my family and 18 my parents do not really know how to go about finding a potential spouse for me. I do not have anyone particular in mind, however, I have told my parents what I am looking for; essentially I would like to marry someone studying in the hawza. My family does practice Islam regularly but I sometimes fear that they may not be as religious as they should be. I currently live in America but I plan to live in Iran or Bahrain when I get married/have my own family inshAllah. I'm only mentioning this because I'm not sure what kind of family someone studying in the hawza is expecting to marry into. I just feel that this next step in my life will help me become closer to Allah(swt) and possibly the same benefits for my family as well. I guess what I'm asking is if there is a certain approach my family and I should be taking because none of us are familiar with the marriage process in America.

I appreciate any advice you could give me. Also if there is anything that I could clarify please let me know. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Eltemase Dua
902 husband slm.i have been marry for two years now and im 7months husband behave really bad with me.he always get angry on me or mad at me for no reason.he never listen to me or love me.he doesnt take good care of me. whatever he earn he spent it on his parents and sister.can you please tell me what should i read or do to him so he can me my,or is there anybodey like any mufti who can read something on him so he can be my.please reaply asp please.thank u..
915 Role reversing fanticy wd wife Aslam o aliqum
I am married and very lovely to my wife and she loves me too. we prays our prayers and recites Quran as well and have no other as such bad activities.
we have some fantasies and confused that do that are allowed in Islam. I will discuss them in points
1: We used to say each other as Dog and Bitch and also act like Bitch style and Dog style during romance it gives us more pleasure. we also say other bad words like slut etc to each other It does not mean real abasement its all just for enjoyment.
2: We play role reversal i-e she make me her wife by putting her Bra and panty to me and also deal me like my husband and says me as I am her wife and She is my Husband and also says me Bitch and I call her my Master/Husband. During this game she used to give me different orders like bring water for her, clean the room and I show my obedience to her. In normal she is very obedient and loving to me and in real sense she is a good wife
3: During Role Reversal she put her finger (Not any other external thing)in my back hole and says me "your husband is fucking you" and things like that.
4: She place her tong at my back hole (Which I cleans before romance)"not inside" and I also do the same to her.
5: I also put finger in her back hole and stimulate her.
It all enjoys us both and we totally agreed to it but not sure about the Orders of Islam about it. need your Guidance because we both wish to go in Jannah and lives together at there as well.
Jazak Allah
924 2nd Marrige A girl in the age 16 year get Divorce after that she having rights to love some one or not .....? or she has to stay whole life with he's child only, can't she get marry with any unmarried man.
931 Nikkah with christian Salam
Is it permitted to marry a christian man / women even if he / she have not became a muslim.
948 Niyat Asalamualykum
i need complete instructions during ist wedding night and espicially what we do niyat for two rakat nimaz in wedding night?
949 no purposal asalam a kulam.

my sister/ brother in islam, i am 29 years old & not yet married. i am not getting any purposal yet.i am relly worried abot it & dont want to get in to any haram relation.
i would request you to kinldy give me sum aayat or zikar to read & pray for me to get my better half asap.

jazakallah khair.
952 regarding second marriage is permission of first wife must if husband is going for second marriage when the first wife is is a good wife
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