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to a man who asked, 'Do you consider all these creatures as people?' said, 'Exclude from among them those who do not brush their teeth, sitting cross-legged in a narrow place, one who interferes in matters that do not concern him, debates about that which he has no knowledge, one who acts sick without an illness, one who falls apart without a calamity, one who opposes his friends in matters of truth that they have agreed upon, a proud person who is proud of his forefathers but he is devoid of their good deeds, so he is like a heath peeling off its bark bit by bit until it reaches its core, and he is like Allah's verse: They are like cattle; rather they are more astray.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Khisal, p. 409, no. 9

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103 the Prophet and his 9 wives Is it true that the Prophet had 9 wives at one given time? If so, doesn't this contradict the ruling of only being allowed 4 at one given time?
124 Sayed and non Sayed marriage Salaam.
People tell me that non Sayed and Sayed's are not allowed to get married, what's your view on this?
136 advice on youth marriage What advice can you give to people wishing to get married but are considered to young for nikah?
191 wedding night sexual intercourse Is there a process one must perform on their wedding night before conducting intercourse?
195 What is meant by the following fatwa? Salam,

What is meant by the following fatwa?

2434. A woman with whom temporary marriage is contracted, is not entitled to share the conjugal bed of her husband

What defines a conjugal bed?
Can he/she sleep over at ones house in the same bed?
200 marriage question - please help Salaam alaikum

I am a Shia girl of the age of 19 and very confused. I have always been against love and I considered my friends who were/are in relationships as fools lol.

Islam is my life. I have never thought of falling in love and never had feelings for a man so far. I was planning to complete my education (1st year of uni), get a job etc etc and then consider love and marriage whenever I am 'ready'.

However, I have this friend and know him for years. He recently told me he had feelings for me and he respects me. Plus he is Sunni, he knows I am Shia and he knows and accepts it. He admires Maula Ali (as) and the descendents of the prophet. He basically has everything I ever wanted in a man.

I realised I have feelings as well but I don't know what to do. I don't want this to lead to haram actions..

I feel so bad during praying and so guilty I don't know what to do.

My apologies if I wrote too much but I am really desperate. What shoud I do? I am in love.. Is it allowed as far as we don't touch and any other haram actions?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards
358 marriage enquiry, allowed? My mother has remarried to a man about ten years ago, he is therefore obviously not my biological father. Is this man mahram for my wife according to ayatullah seestani and also what is the ruling from other ulema on the same level?
202 bad dreams about my husband I have been having these dreams that my husband is cheating on me, i have seen him do something with another women in my dream once and on multiple different dreams it's a constantly reminder of there is another women in the dream and he always explains it to be its co-worker”etc. Please advise me on what to do because its starting to ruin my life.
213 talking online with potential spouse Assalamu Alaykum,

I have been talking to a Muslim man online for almost 2 years now and we want to take our relationship to the next level. We have both informed our parents and he plans on visiting soon to meet my family. Although we know each other through talking online, we would like to get to know each other in person before further committing to anything. Is it permissible to go out alone together in public areas (ex, coffee shop, mall, restaurant) with the intention that it is for the sake of wanting to get to know each other better since we have never met in person?

229 marrying lewd women? Is it permissible to marry a lewd woman (prostitute)?
232 married with sunni without fathers knowledge I am married to a Sunni girl and it is a secret marriage, which nobody knows of. She has not been married before and we obviously didn’t get her father's permission. Does this mean that the marriage is invalid?
234 re-marrying without wife's knowledge A Muslim couple got separated for a long time. Is it permissible for him to marry, temporarily or permanently, a woman from Ahlul Kitab without the knowledge of his Muslim wife? Is it permissible for him to marry, with the permission of his Muslim wife?
236 daughters in the west Some Western governments allow the daughter to be independent of her parents, after she has passed the age of sixteen.

If she seeks her parents advice, it is only for seeking their opinion or out of respect for them. Is such a virgin girl allowed to marry, be it permanent or a temporary marriage, without the consent of her father?
245 should we mention previous sins my friend has sexual relationship with his boyfriend now she is marrying another man who i want to ask for marriage. it is compulsion to say about her sexual relationship to her husband before marrying to him.
246 why should we get married early? Why is it recommended for a male to get married earlier? and how should a male convey to his parents that he is ready for marriage even though they are imposing him to settle down first?
249 marrying more then 1, rules? what does it mean by practical justice in marrying more than one wife?
288 difference between nikkah and muta What is a fixed-time marriage and what are its differences with permanent marriage?
291 Reading marriage formula ourselves Is it permissible for a man and a woman to read the formula of marriage contract themselves. What is formula, please?
315 sayyed and non-sayyed marriage conditions can any syed give his daughter for marriage to a non syed man in normal circumstances or any other circumstances. i have listen from someone that if a person do so he will go to jahannum.
329 divorced woman conducting muta Can a divorced woman after months of her divorce ask a married man to fulfil her needs by entering into Muta marriage?
Your answer will be appreciated and May allah swt reward you for providing this service and keep us away from the accursed shaitan.
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