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'Whoever wants to know the status of his position with Allah must first find out what status of position Allah holds with him, for Allah places the servant in the same position whereat the servant places Allah with respect to himself.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 71, p. 156, no. 74. Kanz al-'Ummal, no. 1882

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775 Swearing oath.. Salamun Alaikum,
Please do not judge me as I already feel so bad..I have swore oath to Allah (SWT) that I won't do things etc like reading gossip ma,gazines playing computer games I feel really upset because I have failed to keep these oaths..Are these oaths nullified now I have broken them what is the ruling on swearing oaths to The Almighty (SWT) should one be wudu at the time of swearing the oath please advice me..Is it haraam to play games such as mobile phone apps? Please advice me based on Ayatollah Khamenei (HA) rulings thankyou..If I may ask are you based in Iran?

Iltemasei Dua'a..
792 hidden buried treasure Dear Sir
I have near perfect knowledge about hidden & buried treasure in my ancestral house situated within 3 acres.The real
area of the of the household is within 1 acre. The question is where to dig for it or know the exact wherabouts?
Please be kind enough to let me know how to find it by the help of Quranic verses or Islamic means.
yours sincerely
Zia Parwez
793 hidden buried treasure DEAR SIR
797 Kiss Salamalaikum. If a sister kisses her brother on the cheek out of love, is it haram?
810 MOJEZA / MIRACLE Salaamunalaikum

Recently, on 10th of Muharram, in many places in India, the shabi/epitome of cradle of Hazrat ALI Asghar was found to be shaking for about 1 hour by itself.

People watched it with their own eyes and they are regarding it as Mojeza or miracle.

Please suggest us that what is the reason of such miracles and what are your views regarding that ?
816 Sending Laana (Curse) Salamun Alaikum,

My question is whether in School of Ahlulbaith its alright to send Laana (Curse) upon the people who hurt and caused the death of The Lady of Light Bibi Fatima A.s.
819 Dreams Lately I've been having dreams that some people have been possessed by the devil and I've been trying to free their body from the devil. By reciting Surahs while holding their hand and so. Last night though I had a really bad one that when I was trying to free their body it was very painful for me and nothing was working the person pretending to be back to normal than they would suddenly try to harm mr at the last bit before I woke up the people who were possessed and I failed to free were chasing me.
Do these dreams mean anything because its quite an occurring dream, thank you for any feed back.
God bless you
838 siblings Lately my older sister hasn't been quite on the right path and I believe it's due to her new friends. She hasn't been dressing morally, saying Salam to my parents, she's swearing more often, not doing her prayers and hasn't been listening to my parents as much. Although I shouldn't dudge I feel like she's going astray and I want to do something to help her but not quite sure what to or how to do so. I'm scared that if I tell her that her clothes are revealing or to pray more often she will not listen and get angry at me. Since she has a habit of doing the opposite of something one tells her to do. Are there any sugestions or duas or so I could read to help her. Anything thing will help. Many thanks
850 Shaving I just wanted to ask about shaving.

What are the parts of the body that must be shaved?
852 Sudden fear of allah Asalamalikum to all

Few days back i am feeling somuch fear of allah i dont know why i am getting thoughts that i should give all my money to the poor and needy and its like some one is whispering in my heart.

Just for info the money i earned is solely lawful in a halal way and i didnot cheat anyone and hurted anyone.
I perfmed hajj this yr alhumdulillah and few weeks after i came back form my hajj i am getting this thoughts and i am really feeling inquisitive what is happening with me.By the way i am female of 27 yrs old.Waiting for advice and I would surely give all mmy money becoz alhumdulillah my husband and my parents are somuch rich.But i am getting this thoughts somany times i would like to keep some money and give some to poor.REally confused what to do?
(For info every now and then i will try to help poor in one or other way i dnt knw what is this going on with me)

Thank u
Allah hafiz
853 qaza namaaz I came toknow about ghusl janabat after many year from baalig (9 years).I have to pray all my wajib namaaz again?if yes then how to calculate?
854 book can be taken or not 1If there is a Islamic book kept in the masjid and in that book it is written “waqf for the departed souls and names of many people have been written who have been departed from this world” can we take that book home?
2but if all these is written in the book and if a person has kept this same book (which is mentioned on top) in the masjid in his father’s name but nothing is written and I don’t know which one is in which niyat
3amonst these 2 cases what should a person do ?
855 sadqa to sayyed Man is non sayyed and his wife is sayyed can we give sadqa to man for his household requirement?. The giver of sadqa is non sayyed PLS REPLY
858 Shaving moustache Salam

Hope all is fine.

1. Can I SHAVE my moustache and grow a fist long beard ? Some people say have a beard as much the amount of knowledge you posses is that true.I am a teenager and posses very basic knowledge .

2. I dad is against me shaving my moustache ,even if it is allowed what should I do?

3.Why do some Sunnis completely shave their moustache ? Is it from the sun nah (I heard people say it)?Is there any hadise?

4.Did our imams pray 5 times a day ( separate)?
Is it better to pray 3 or 5 .At the moment I have time to pray 5 times a day ,no problem.

5.My dad doesn't like me praying 5 times , he wants me to pray 3 times.

6. Do our marjas ,ayatollah pray 5 times a day ?

I follow sistani (r.a)

Fee amanliah
864 Superstitions in islam. Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Sir i have a doubt.Is it believable in Islam if the right eye blinks automatically without our notice some bad news/harm is towards us and if the left eye blinks some good news is towards us.Is it true sir? Is it believable?Plz reply sir..
865 question about website Assalam o Alaikum,

i am unable to read the answers because the website did not open. Please look into it.

Shukar Allah
867 sunni or shia Salaam.

I just wanted to verify if this website is a sunni website or a shia website?

875 Wearing high heels of the shoe Assalam-o-Alaikum,
Is this permissable for women to wear high heels of the shoes? if it does then how high it should be. If it is not then,would it be worn upon doctor prescription due to flat feet.
Jazak Allah

878 prophet noah i would like to know the Islamic version of the Curse of Ham
881 meaning I am looking for the meaning of "Naimul Muquim" .. Please help.
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