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'Beware of bribery for verily it is sheer infidelity, and the briber will not even smell the fragrance of Paradise.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 104, p. 274, no. 12

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# Subject Question Status
119 listening to music, Sistani? Whats the ruling to listen to music according to Grand Ayatollah Sistani's fatwas?
156 listening to music without sin Is it possible to listen to music without enabling sin or losing one's thoughts per se?
221 ruling on ghina What is your ruling on ghina or song according to Sayed Sistani?
222 reciting salaams with music Some people recite salaams on the tune of some songs. Is it haram or halal ?
312 if it is then why is music haram? Salam Sheikh,
I'm tired of people saying that music is haram - could you please say WHY it's haram? if it is?
317 means of entertainment according to Islam What can be the means of entertainment according to Islam?
436 classic music, is it halal? Classical music is believed to soothe excited nerves, and is also prescribed at times for treatment of some psychological ailments. Is it permissible for me to listen to it?
506 learning music instruments Salam Alykum
On behalf of a number of brothers and sister that seem confused on the issue regarding permissible songs I would like to ask whether learning and then playing musical instruments such as drums, piano etc is haram.
Also are songs such as those of the islamic artist Sami Yousif Haram as they use some tunes suitable for gatherings of entertainment
606 teaching music to my children What is the permissibility of teaching music to one's child, for example, tar, setar, ney, or keyboard?
695 sublime messages i have recently found out that the song for little kids ' twinkle twinkle little star has a bad sublime meassge. my question is do every music have sublime message and how do we know? also can u explain more on sublime messages.

with prayers
823 what is music please can you define what is music like how much long a voices is considered music or singing how much long a word is considered music or singing etc etc ?
900 Gatherings and Music Is it permissible to go to a family or friend wedding ceremony of whom are playing music ?
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